Patriotic music of Ashukovo

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The patriotic music of Ashukovo consists of various songs, including national anthems, military marches and others. The former anthem, Ashukovs, March On!, is still associated with Ashukov nationalism.

Ashukovs, March On!

The national anthem from 25 May 2013 to 2 August 2014, Ashukovs, March On! is heavily associated with Ashukov nationalism and culture. It's set to the Russian march V Put', with lyrics written by Adam I of Überstadt, Luke Albertschine and Brooklyn Hewitt.


Lo, the sun rise o'er the distant hills-
Look, Ashukovs, and rejoice!
For there across many plains and rills
Is our home; let us raise our voice:

Ashukovs, march! March! March!
And for you, my dear
There is a home for all here.
The road ahead is long,
Ashukovs, march on!

Our flag does wave in the mighty wind,
Our federation's standard bright.
That standard for our people is flown
To guide us even as our light.


Come, let us go forth from all our lands
To the one that's ours alone!
Make it glorious with our own hands;
Make this song of liberty known!


Song of the Ashukovs

The current national anthem is Song of the Ashukovs. Set to the tune of the Preobrazhensky March, its lyrics were written by Brooklyn Hewitt


Land of freedom, land of beauty
Land that we can call our own!
Land of triumph, land of glory
To the world your name is known!

Our flag waves in the wind,
Our nation’s standard bright.
Our people’s flag is flown
To guide us even as our light.

Ashukovo, sacred nation
Long live the Federation!

Presidential Anthem

The Presidential Anthem is an instrumental rendition of God Save the Tsar. Although it is prescribed under law as being the anthem of the President, it is a frequently used patriotic hymn common among the Ashukov nationalist movement.