Flag of the Gymnasium State

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Flag of Gymnasium State
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Name State Flag (Státní vlajka)
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 5:8
Adopted 13 June 2018
Design A horizontal bicolour of white and blue; charged with the Coat of arms of the Gymnasium State in upper left quarter
Designed by Tomáš Falešník

Flag of the Gymnasium State is one of the national symbols of the state. Current flag was adopted on 13 June 2018.


The Imperium

The flag of the second micronational entity in Gymnasium State was designed by Radek Vastl, however the orignial design has been lost. The flag was quartered, to resemble medieval banners. The top left and bottom right quarters were red, the top right and bottom left quarters were white. The red quarters contained pair of swords in the top one, and pair of keys in the bottom one. It is no longer remembered, whether the white quarters contained anything or not.

Socialist State of Gymnasium

Original planned flag of Socialist State of Gymnasium was just a red banner with unspecified propotion. This flag was unofficialy used until 4 September 2017, when it was replaced by the flag of communist Great Britain by vexilologist Samuel McKittrick from Northern Ireland. The flag was red with proportion 1:2, and with the coat of arms including a hammer and sickle in upper left corner.

On 6 September 2017, a flag reform was proposed, replacing the used flag by two flags, which were supposed to be used simultaneously. One of the flags had the same design as the used one, but without the hammer and sickle, and the secong flag was white with logo of the school. New designs also included two monochrome warflags, one of red color and the second of white color. The red flags were supposed to be used in micronational affairs and the white flags in communications with sovereign states, however the reform never took place.

Gymnasium State

Proposed vertical version of flag of Gymnasium State

After dissolution of Socialist State of Gymnasium, the flag was shortened on proportion 5:8 and red background was replaced with white-blue bicolour from the flag of city of Sušice. However, during June 2018, the government discovered that the shade of blue on the flag was wrong, and replaced it. This flag is used by the Gymnasium State from 13 June 2018 on.


Flag of Sušice, on which the flag is based

Flag of the Gymnasium State has two equally wide, horizontal stripes, white and and blue. In the upper left corner there is the coat of arms. The colors of the flag are adopted from flag of Sušice. The flag colours are said to symbolize the city, and according to symbolism of Sušice flag, the white color means silver, the city's cleanness and the city being the "Gate of Šumava", while the blue color represents the clear sky over the city and the river flow of gold-bearing Otava. The coat of arms means progress, life and intelligence.

Scheme Blue White
Hex #0099CC #FFFFFF


The design of the flag, specifically the shade of blue has influenced many designs within the Gymnasium State, including the new logo of the Civic Republican Party. It also influenced several designs outside the Gymnasium State, including the logo of the Independents in Mekniy, as well as several non-micronational projects.

Proposed administrative flags

In late 2018, ideas to annex new territories, creating a sort of federation, were getting support in the Gymnasium State. However, with inability to find sufficient new territories, the plans were soon implemented as one of final parts of the 2019 Modernization Project, and later abandoned completely.

The flags of newly established regions were supposed to follow a simple pattern, compromising of a background in color, that resembled the region, and the Gymnasian national flag in the canton. The regions were however planned to be allowed having secondary flags of their own design.

The proposal for an administrative region on the current territory claimed by the Gymnasium State has been often considered an unofficial flag of Sušice-Gympl. The orange color of the flag represents the gymnasium that Sušice-Gympl contains on its territory.

Presidential standard

Flag of President
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Name The Standart (Standarta)
Proportion 1:1
Adopted 2018
Design Coat of arms with text "Prezident Státu Gymnázium/President of Gymnasium State"
Designed by Tomáš Falešník

Another official symbol of the Gymnasium State is the Standard of the President. It was first introduced in 2018 for the President of the Gymnasium State. The flag of the President is white, with a border made up of alternating white and blue flames. In the middle of the white field is a large national emblem, around which is black circle reading PREZIDENT STÁTU GYMNÁZIUM above and PRESIDENT OF GYMNASIUM STATE under the emblem.


  1. An offer to annex new territory in a school in Connecticut was made by Owen Edwelson in June 2018. Despite the offer was declined, as the citizenship application were closed. However it was expected that Edwelson and the territory will join the Gymnasium State as soon as the application are released again. It was also expected, that the territory would use flag of Essex and Krzewo, both run by Edwelson, as the second flag.
  2. An Antarctic claim was briefly considered in June after an offer from Republic of Aenderia to establish an autonomous region of New Gymnasium in the Antarctic part of Aenderia. The offer was declined, However Gymnasian Antarctic claim was shortly considered during July 2018.