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—  Department of Alikiir Vəlāyat  —
Country Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Nedland
Vəlāyat Alikiir
Created 19 Nov 2015
Founder Ned Gunderson
Capital Baltopol
 - Beg Joseph Paci
Population (15 August 2017)
 - Total 14
Demonym Terstegnian
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Terstegnia (Norwegian: Tersteggenland) was a department of the Nedlando-Khorașan, and was formerly a province the Paravia. It constitutes three former municipalities of the defunct Washington Subcultural Republic - Pacisia, which also serves as its capital. it is also a former province of Nedland and Paravia. It was based on fabricated land claims, and as such was formally disestablished in 2020.

The municipalities, in order of population, are Pacisia, Ulan Oddyn, Parashkoder, and Kexholm.