Royal Council of the Grand Duchy of Koss

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Royal Council

Conselho Real
3rd Royal Council of Koss
Coat of arms or logo
Lucas Soares, LP
since Elected by the legislature
RoyalCouncilMembers copy.png

The Royal Council (Portuguese: Conselho Real) was the legislature of the Grand Duchy of Koss, located in the city of Bravia. The unicameral body was composed of five members.


The Royal Council was established by the Grand Duke of Koss as an advisory body in November 13, 2011. Upon independence, on January 15, 2012, the Royal Council became the legislature of the Grand Duchy, holding some significant powers. When the Kossian Empire was formed, the Royal Council was transformed into the Grand Council of the Estates of the Realm, it came back to being the official legislature of Koss when the Empire was dismantled, in April 18, under the name of 3rd Royal Council of Koss.


  • Approve or disapprove condemnations made by the Grand Duke and/or the Royal Chancellor.
  • Discharge honours and decorations.
  • Declare war