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City of Owensburg

Languages spoken English

Area Will be surveyed later

Jurisdiction Vianese Government
Lord Mayor Robert Mckinney

Citizens 3

Foundation September 20, 2011

Websites Nemkhavian Forums, Vianese discussion goes on here as well.

Owensburg is the capital city of the Sultanate of Salisar, declared so when the first expedition was made into Salisar in mid-2011.


Owensburg has a rather simple etymology. One of the prominent explorers on the first expedition through the area was Justin Owens; the town is named after him. Berg is the german word for town, so it would literally mean "Owens town".


Owensburg was founded a few minutes into the first expedition into what is now Salisar, where a large metal contraption was flipped over onto its side and fortified, then named Owensburg. Almost all activities within Salisar are based there, as very few people choose to brave living in the harsh Salisaric Wilderness.


One of the main features of Owensburg is a large metall wall like contraption surrounding it, as well as a small patch of grass and a tree or two. Large brush separates it from the rest of the Salisaric Wilderness, as it serves as a safe haven for travelers comeing to and from Anno.


Owensburg is administered by its Lord Mayor and to a lesser extent the Sultaness of Salisar whose palace resides there. The current Lord mayor is the Hon. Lord Robert Mckinney.