Cursus Honorum

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The Cursus Honorum is the sequential order of political offices held by aspiring politicians in the Vianese Imperium. The Cursus Honorum starts in the military, in the Praetorian Guard or State Security Board, and goes upwards towards administrator or high martial ranks such as Proconsul (Vian) or Prefect of the Praetorian Guard.

Praetorian Guardsman

A man or woman that would want to begin on the path through the Cursus Honorum would start here in the Emperor's Praetorian Guard. During the time of service in the Praetorian Guard one must rise atleast to the rank of Colonel before progressing further through the later.


The position of Queastor is that of a Financial administrator, one who maintains the treasury of a province. The position of Quaestor Imperialis maintains the Imperial Treasury. Quaestors are appointed by the leader of the respective province that they administer the treasury. After serving atleast 2 months as Queastor one could stand for the position of Aedile.


The Aediles served as administrators of Public Works, and often oversees market days and construction projects. Sometimes they also serve as administrative assistants to Proconsuls or other administrators. The position of Aediles are appointed by the AUlic Council.


The Position of Praetor serves as commander of a provinces defenses and militias, and also presides over provincial trials. Praetors become Praetors after serving atleast a month as Aedile, and his promotion must be approved by his former boss.


In Vian the poition of Propraetor is an administrator of a City, and in the city of Anno it is known as Propraetor Urbanus. They hold absolute power in their city. After two months as Praetor one could become Propraetor.


The Censors were tasked with keeping a current Census of all citizens and also signed citizenship papers. They became Censors after being appointed by the Imperator, however Propraetors must serve for 2 months before becoming Censors.


Proconsuls administer Imperial Provinces and are appointed by Imperator from those who have served as a Propraetor within that Province before.