Vianese Monarchy

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Imperator of Vianese Imperium
Samuel I.jpg
Dominus Noster Imperator Caesar Samuel Augustus

Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch Dominus Noster Imperator Caesar Samuel Augustus
Formation 21 September 2011

The Vianese Monarchy is a thing of great reverence within the Imperium, as all power stems from it. The current Imperator hails from the Felton dynasty and has ruled to a sort of enlightened absolutist doctrine, while still maintaining a cult of personality.

Regnal Numbering

As in Austenasia, all former rulers of the capital, Anno, are counted. This includes all native leaders, all european monarchs who staked a claim there etc. etc. Under Royal Proclamation regnal numbering counts for USA Presidents, as well.

For example, a person wanting to be named George as there regnal name would become George IV, as the last george to rule Anno was King George III of England, even though George IV came after him, he did not rule Anno. Afetr a recent decree, it was declared that Vian is the successor state to the Roman Empire, and so regnal numbering includes the Roman Emperors as well.

Line of Succession

Renal numbering that they would have should they attain the throne is listed in parenthesis.

  • Her Imperial Majesty Proconsul Caesar Quinta Quinctius Laterensis of Salisara Oriens (I)
  • His Imperial Majesty Imperator-Father Paul of Vian (I)
  • Her Imperial Majesty Imperator-Mother Caesar Lucia Lucilius Laterensis(I)
  • His Excellency Proquaestor Justin Owens of Owensburg (I)
  • The Hon. Lord Robert Mckinney of Anno, Praetorian Guardsman(I)