Republic of Norovia

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Republic of Norovia
  • Bundesrepublik Norovia (de)
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png
National Flag
Location of Nemkhavia

National Anthem:
Nemkhavia, Our Motherland
Sci vis pacem, parabellum.
Capital Howell

Official languages German, English

Denomyn Norovian, Norov, Norovite

Government Presidential Republic
Chancellor Nikolaj I
President Justin Owens

Legislature Senate of Norovia
-Type Unicameral
Seats TBA

– Foundation of The Federal Republic of Vian 2011
– Foundation of the Norovian nation April 30, 2011
– Accession to the Federation as Republic October 2, 2011

Area claimed "TBA"

Population 32

Currency 1 Mark (ℳ) = 50 Pent (ϱ)

Time zone EST

Country code nrv, nr

Internet TDL .nrv(main)

Drives on the Right

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Norovia , officially known as the Republic of Norovia, is a micronation located in North America. It is part of the Nemkhav Federation.


The etymology of Norovia is simple; its founders simply decided on the name Norovia. There may be some specific reason for this, however this has been lost in history.


Government and politics

Law and order

Foreign Relations

The foreign relations of Norovia are handled entirely by the Nemkhav Federal Government, however its leader being a part of the House of Territories Norovia can indirectly influence foreign policy.