Nemkhavia, Our Motherland

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Nemkhavia, our Motherland
Anthem of Nemkhav Federation
LyricsSebastian Linden
MusicSamuel A. Ward

Nemkhavia, Our Motherland was the national anthem of the Nemkhav Federation from October 2011 to March 2012. Its lyrics were written by Sebastian Linden, set to the tune of O Mother dear, Jerusalem, otherwise known as "America the Beautiful". Versions in other languages were issued at the time, but they were only ever locally official. On March 1, 2012, it was replaced by Nemkhavs, onwards!.


Nemkhavia, our motherland
Our people's steady home
I'd not prefer another land
Not if we're facing doom
Nemkhavia! Nemkhavia!
We'll always stand for thee!
Your sisters and your brothers and
Your children are we.

The Founding Fathers did their part
In do'ng Nemkhavia well
They took the nation to their heart
Which is just what we shall!
Nemkhavia! Nemkhavia!
We'll always stand for thee!
For never we shall e'er depart,
From this land, where we're free.

Our people, our gallant fame,
Our culture, our pride!
Wherever 'tis from whence we came,
We'll always take thy side!
Nemkhavia! Nemkhavia!
United we do sing!
We praise our people's glorious hame,
And gifts that it does bring.