Mahusetan Ross

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Mahusetan Ross

Nos sunt superba Kanifa
Capital city Ross City
Largest city Ross City
Official language(s) English, Dutch
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Mahuso-Ross
Demonym Rossian
Government County
- Genghis Khan Ned Gunderson
- Khan Emiel Hardy
Legislature Inner Kurultay
- Type - 1
- Number of seats - 1
Population 0
Currency Corona
Time zone KST (GMT-7)
National dish Cifa
National drink Dubbelfrisss

Mahusetan Ross is a former department in Nedland and former part of Kanifa/Mahuset, which claims the several square kilometers Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica. It was previously part of Mahuset, but was annexed by Nedland in February 2017. That same month, the nation was dissolved.