History of Richensland under Aniq Sufyan

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The history of Richensland under Aniq Sufyan covers the period of history from 13 August 2020 till the present day in which Aniq Sufyan is the leader of the Richensland.

Founding of Richensland

From the early age of 6 (which was in 2016), Aniq had already been interested in the idea of building his own nation and the general idea of nation-building. With the knowledge that he had and created his own 'nation', which was more of an amateur micronational experiment to test out various methods of governance that would best fit his micronation.

It would be about another two years and he would find out about 'micronationalism' and micronations in general, including Microwiki.

Pre-established Richensland

Koldova Nation
Flag of Koldova
Demonym(s)Koldovian (de facto)
GovernmentNo government
• Established
c. 2016
• Disestablished
13 August 2020
Preceded by
Succeeded by
of Richensland
Today part ofSingapore

His experiment and official predecessor to the first Richenslandic state was the Koldova Nation. Koldova had no government and lacked any features of a nation except for a flag. As it was only intended to be temporary and to be replaced by a well off micronation that was to be Richensland, Aniq took Koldova lightly and as a joke state for a hobby.

After experimenting with various system of governance, two most appealed to him. An absolute monarchy and a parliamentary republic, both in a unitary fashion. Eventually the former was chosen and was implemented in the Kingdom of Richensland. It was also in this period that the nation only had a population of 1 (from 2016 to 2018) later 2 (from 2018 to 2020), that was until he met S. Thanukshan as a childhood friend who apparently also had interest in such affairs and so helped Aniq build the Kingdom of Richensland and later served as the first prime minister and also served for 2 terms nonconsecutively and is regarded as a founding father of the nation and has from the nations founding until the present day, served as the nation's foreign and home minister, though real powers were with Aniq.

Laws and constitutions were not considered back then as the nation was not serious, so in their place, there was no law and law enforcement so an anarchy might have been the de facto government back then. As all micronations were, from the start, isolated. Koldova did not have any relations with any micronations what so ever. All that took a turn following the official Proclamation of the nation's establishement in 2020 which saw it less isolated and much more improved as a 'micronation' who actually had a government and laws.

Aniq operated Koldova from his bedroom and designated it as its de facto but not the official capital and claimed his parents' apartment then in Punggol as the de facto but not official territory of the nation, before moving to Richensland's present capital, Sjerelyslau in the second half of 2018, where his nation was based in.

Emytology and demonym

Koldova, as it might sound, was actually a name that was picked out randomly. It has no significant meaning and was intended to be the permanent name of the nation until 'Richensland' was suggested.

Upon the declaration of the first Richenslandic state, Richensland was chosen and adopted as the nation's official name as it sounded more official and actually has meaning. It came from two words of the english language (Rich and Land) and directly translated means, Land of the Rich. Since 'Richland' did not quite appeal much to Aniq, he added an 'ens' in between both words to make it more appealing and easier to ponounce.

Richensland has remained the nation's official name till the present day. 'Koldova', on the other hand' has been used as the nation's official name similar to how 'Burma' is used in Myanmar and 'Swaziland' in Eswatini.

When translated into other languages in full, only part of the official name "Republic of Richensland" is translated. This is to ensure simplicity and accuracy of the transition as longer translations tend to be less accurate.

A person from Richensland is called a 'Richenslandian' informally and 'Koldovian' formally.

Transition to Richensland

During the months leading to 13 August 2020, Aniq and Thanukshan stopped referring to the nation as 'Koldova', instead incouraging people to call it 'Richensland', in preparation to the date.

They then prepared necessary arrangements for a government framed after that of a unitary state with an absolute monarchy.

Armed Forces

Crisis, opposition and critics

Richenslandic Crisis

Richenslandic diplomatic crisis

Appointment of Tizian Aruna as alternate prime minister

On 6 September 2021, Aniq appointed fellow friend, Tizian Aruna as Richensland's inaugural alternate prime minister, a post similar to that of a deputy prime minister but one that outranks said office. Other than that, Aniq also made Tizian a member of parliament as well as a citizen and a member of his party, the Nationalists, later the Richenslandic Development Party.

In the micronational discord community, Tizian is notorious for his unjustifiable actions of raiding, spamming and nuking discord servers. This did not bother Aniq as doing the appointment as he need not care as much for Tizian's actions as he wanted to remain vague on the subject. It is also noted that Tizian had done a ton of good deeds towards the Richenslandic state, thus giving Aniq a reason for Tizian to be rewarded with such high office that at that time did not have much power, a practically useless post as it did not have any function. That was until after the 2021 Richenslandic general election, where a coalition was in power, for that was when the post actually had any significant role in government.

Soon after the Cycoldian takeover of the nation, Tizian left Richensland's discord server, most probably as a sign of protests and to also flee from anti-Almendrian nations, one of which is the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.

Human rights

LGBT rights violations

Richensland LGBT flag. L ight G reen B lue T ael

LGBT is generally seen as a taboo by the Community of Free Richenslandians. Despite that, the LGBT community has been given full rights by the Richenslandic government-in-exile.

Category Richenslandic government-in-exile
Same-sex sexual activity Yes
Equal age of consent Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas Yes
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Yes
Anti-hate speech legislation Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) Yes (civil unions only)
Marriage Equality (e.g. Same sex marriage) X mark.png (Civil unions only)
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes (Adopted child must be willing to be having same-sex couples are parents)
Homosexuals allowed to serve openly in the military Yes
Transgender people allowed to serve openly in the military Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes (with surgery)
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians Yes
Homosexuals allowed to donate blood Yes (must abstain from sex for at least 3 months before the date of donation)


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