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John I

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John I
John I of Baustralia in Church Dress, November 2018 CROP.JPG
John I in Church Dress, Holderton County, 4 November 2018
King of Baustralia, and the Dominions, Emperor of Ostreum
Reign 20 June 2017 -
Tenurea 20 June 2017
Heads of Government See list
Full name
Jacob Patrick
House Caravaggio
Father John the King Father
Mother Susan the King Mother
Born 7 June 2003 (2003-06-07) (age 15)
Toronto, CAN
Military service
Allegiance  Baustralia
Service/branch  His Royal Navy
Rank Baustralia-Navy-O10-infobox.svg Admiral of the Fleet
Service number 34883
Commands held Baustralian Armed Forces
Battles/wars Baustralian Conquest
La Câlin

John I (formerly Jacob I; Jacob Patrick; born 7 June 2003) is the King of Baustralia, the Dominions, Emperor of Ostreum. Before his reign in Edstmae, he was the Prince Jacob Patrick of Cumberland.

John was born in Toronto as the first child of HRH the King Mother, and HRH the King Father, and is being educated in the Ontario public school system. He is currently a cadet in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets with the rank of Petty officer, 2nd class, and serves without pay as an Admiral of the Fleet in His Royal Navy.

He is King of Baustralia, and Wangatangia, aswell as Emperor of Tentacion. He also had a short reign during the Baustralian Occupation of Edstmae. He founded the Houses of Caravaggio, and Timpson, the Kingdom, and the Empire of Baustralia.

Early life

John, born at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on 7 June 2003, was the eldest child of John Caravaggio, and Susan Garsnell (later, THR the King Parents). Two years later, she bore Katelynn, Princess of Wabasso.

Though John grew up with his family being Catholic, he is Anglican. He was baptized on 22 April 2018, and confirmed on 20 January 2019 by the Right Reverend Charles Masters, alongside Sir John Timpson, and the 1st Marchioness Smith.

Personal life

Military career

John serves as an Admiral of the Fleet, and ceremonially holds the equivalent ranks the other forces.

He is the titular head of the navy as Lord High Admiral, the titular head of the army as Lord Marshal, the titular head of the air force as Lord Air Marshal, and Commander-in-Chief of the Baustralian Armed Forces as a whole.

Cadet career

Medal wall of John I, Concord Palace, 20 June 2018.

John, outside of his reign, is a Sea Cadet in Canada, and is the Divisional Petty Officer (equivalent to a flight sergeant or a platoon sergeant) of Ottawa Division. He ranks a Petty officer, 2nd class (OR-6). He has received Best Junior Cadet at the Annual Ceremonial Review, two months after joining late. The next year, he won the Best Junior NCO award, as well as the Best Personal Drill award.

John I saluting a RCAF Lieutenant-Colonel, while receiving the certificate for the CANSail1, in the presence of two Lieutenants (Navy), and a Chief Petty Officer, Second Class.

He has received the qualifications for CANSail1, and Standard First Aid and CPR C. He also received the cadet levels of Distinguished Marksman, and Bronze Fitness incentive.

In July 2017, John attended the Basic Drill and Ceremonial course and in July 2018, he attended the Drill and Ceremonial Instructor course.

Foreign Military ranks

In addition to holding the cadet rank, and Commander in Chief rank in Ostreum, he also is a Captain in Rhmoania and Admiral of the Fleet of Quebec. He held the rank of Admiral of the Fleet in Ikonia, and resigned due to displeasure on the running of the navy, but in February 2019 later accepted the rank as a Commodore in His Majesty's Navy. He also held the rank of Admiral of the Fleet in the Naval Service of the Catholique Socialist Republic up until it was dissolved.


His reign (the Jacobean era in Baustralian history) saw the constitution, bill of rights, and justice act being passed, though is set to be replaced by the end of 2016. His reign also saw the Baustralian Conquest, which doubled the land of Baustralia, and also made himself two dominions, one which used to be Baustralian land.

Prime ministers, and other heads of government

Sir John Timpson, Prime Minister
2 July 2017 –
The Princess of Wabasso, Governor
31 May 2018 –
 Baustralian Antarctic Territory
Governed by Parliament of Baustralia
17 December 2018 – 27 January 2019
Harrison Pickles, Minister of Foreign Affairs
27 January 2019 –
 Fox Islands
The then Baron Davidson, Governor General
1 November 2018 – 17 December 2018
Governed by Parliament of Baustralia
17 December 2018  –
The Viscount Parker, Viceroy
14 April 2018 –
The Viscount Mayjames, Prime Minister
20 November 2017

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles, and styles

Standards and arms

Royal coat of arms of Baustralia.svg
Royal coat of arms of Ostreum.svg
Royal Arms of Wangatangia.svg
Royal Arms of Edstmae.svg
Royal Arms of Fox Islands.svg
Coat of arms as King of Baustralia
Coat of arms as Emperor of Ostreum
Coat of arms as King of Wangatangia
Coat of arms as King of Edstmae
Coat of arms as King of the Fox Islands

Military Ranks

Ostreum Ostreum-Navy-CIC-infobox.svg Commander in Chief His Imperial Navy
Ostreum-Army-CIC-infobox.svg Commander in Chief His Imperial Army
Ostreum-Navy-Air-Force-infobox.svg Commander in Chief His Imperial Air Force
Baustralia Baustralia-Navy-O10-infobox.svg Admiral of the Fleet, 34883 His Royal Navy
Baustralia-Marines-O10-infobox.svg Captain General His Royal Marines
Baustralia-Army-O10-infobox.svg Field Marshal Baustralian Army
Baustralia-Air-Force-O10-infobox.svg Marshal of His Royal Air Force Air Command
Ikonia Ikonia-06-infobox-navy.svg Commodore His Majesty's Navy
Quebec ROQ-Navy-OF10 (infobox).svg Admiral of the Fleet Naval Service of the Quebec Republic
ROQ-Marines-OF10 (infobox).svg Captain General Quebec Marines
Rmhoania Baustralia-Navy-OF5-infobox.svg Captain Their Royal Navy
Canada Canada-RCSC-OR6-infobox.svg Petty officer, 2nd class CADET Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
Ranks in bold denote service ranks, rather than ceremonial ranks

Degradation from the Order of the Diaconus

On 15 January 2019, the King of Ikonia was made aware that John believed that Ikonia's colony, Astrax unfairly claimed Fox Islands land, this dispute lead to John annexing all of Fox Islands, which resulted in him ultimately losing the Order. Almost two months later, on 2 March 2019, he was reinstated.




  1. Rank not renamed to Marshal of the Air Command.
John I
Born: 7 June 2003
Regnal Titles
Preceded by
King of Edstmae
10 Feburary 2018 - 9 March 2018
31 May - present
Succeeded by
as Queen of Edstmae
(crown moved, land given to Baustralia)
Preceded by
Heir presumptive
Sir John Timpson
New title King of Baustralia
20 June, 2017 – present
New title
Independence from Baustralia
King/Emperor of Tentacion
31 July, 2017 – present
New title King of Wangatangia
December, 2017 - present
Military offices
New title Commander in Chief of the Baustralian Armed Forces
2 July, 2017 - present
Heir presumptive
Sir John Timpson
Title last held by
Sir John Timpson
Lord High Admiral
12 March 2018 - present
New title Chief of the Naval Operations
of the Naval Service of the Quebec Republic

24 January 2019 - present
Heraldic offices
New title King of Arms
10 March 2018 - 14 December 2018
Succeeded by
Duke of Northumbria
Political offices
New title Marshal of the League of Nations
19 December 2018 - present
Order of precedence
First Orders of precedence of the Baustralian Empire Succeeded by