John I of Baustralia

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His Majesty
John I

King of the Kingdom of Baustralia, Shared Territory of Independent Flavora and Baustralia, and his realms within the commonwealth

John I in Baustralian Naval Uniform Number 3 dress.
King of Baustralia, and the other commonwealth realms
Reign June 20th - July 2nd 2017
Coronation June 20th (As JACOB I REX)
Predecessor Monarchy established
Heir apparent HG The Duke of Cascadia
King of the Shared Territory of Independent Flavora and Baustralia
Reign August 17th - Present
Coronation Augustth 17th
Predecessor Monarchy established.
House Commanding Officer's Cabin, HRNRS Baustralia
Born June 7, 2003 (2003-06-07) (age 14)
Toronto, CAN
Religion Catholic
Military Service of
John I of Baustralia
Allegiance BaustralianFlag.png Baustralia
Branch BaustralianNavy.png His Royal Navy
Service 2017-
Commands HRNSBaustraliaCrest.png HRNS Baustralia - CO, SYO, et al.
TransPlaceHolder.png 1st Kings Regiment - SYO
Rank HRN FAdm.png Fleet Admiral (Rank)
HRN CIC.pngHRA CIC.pngHRAF CIC.pngCIC (Appointment)
Awards BFE.pngBFE (Baustralian Forces Decoration of Excellence)
Orders, medals, and decorations of
John I of Baustralia


Monarchical Styles of
John I
Baustralian Monarch COA.png
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sir

HM John I, KING OF THE KINGDOM OF BAUSTRALIA, SHARED TERRITORY OF INDEPENDENT FLAVORA AND BAUSTRALIA, AND HIS REALMS WITHIN THE COMMONWEALTH, (frm. Jacob I), the king of and founder of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd kingdoms of Baustralia. He has proclaimed that he is a conservative, but vows to keep his political view out of the voting system. He is also the Commanding Officer of HRNS Baustralia, aswell as Supply Officer of HRNS Baustralia and 1st King's Regiment. He was born 7 June, 2017, in Toronto, ON, CAN.