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Sunda Raya

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Sunda Raya

The Foreign Relations of Sunda Raya, officially the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya, guides the way in which it interacts with foreign micronations. Foreign Relations of Sunda Raya are implemented by the Foreign Office of Sunda Raya, which is a part of the council of minister in the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya and led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The foreign relation principles of Sunda Raya are trust, international brotherhood, and independence.

Sunda Raya is a member state of AIM (Association of Indonesian Micronations) since 15 April 2014, and a member of MASA (Micronational Association of Southeast Asia) since 30 June 2014.

Recognized nations

The following is the list of micronations or macronations that were automaticaly recognized by Sunda Raya without any negotiations:

Automatic recognition

The Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya applies a policy to recognize a nation automatically without any negotiation, the list of nations above are the list of nations that are recognized automatically. The only nations that able to be recognized by this policy are macronations, and some micronations, such as Molossia and Sealand.

Every micronations that does not recognises the sovereignity of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya even though they are the member of AIM or MASA will not be recognised by Sunda Raya as well.

Micronational relations

Since its founding, the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya adopts a peaceful-coexistence and friendly foreign relations with all micronations in the world regardless its social and political systems. As of 2014, Sunda Raya maintains formal diplomatic relations with 14 micronations, mostly located in Indonesian sector.

Flag Nation Recognized Notes
Flag Of Lbp.gif Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros March 2014 Mutual AIM and MASA member;
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Federal State of Indokistan March 2014 Mutual AIM and MASA member
Excellent Flag 2-3 2000-.jpg United Democratic Republic of Excellent March 2014 Mutual AIM and MASA member
Flag of Kaleido.JPG Independent State of Kaleido June 2014 Mutual MASA member
Hasanistan.png Republic of Hasanistan July 2014 -
Bbd.jpg Crowned City of Arkapore April 2015 -
Ekaslv.png Republic of Ekaslavia May 2015 Mutual AIM member
- Democratic Kingdom of Love Mainland May 2015 AIM observer
Bandeirarutena.png Kingdom of Ruthenia June 2015 -
22696 844747192273287 2823487412646756165 n.jpg Republic of Cunsònn June 2015 -
Surland.png Consulat of Surland June 2015 -
Flag of Nedland - 3.png Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics June 2015 -

As an anti militaristic micronations, Sunda Raya shall refrain from any micronational conflicts or wars and maintains neutral policy towards the conflicting parties. As stated by the Constitution of Sunda Raya, the war can only be declared if and only if it is a war to defend the interest of the workers or workers' state sovereignty. Therefore, Sunda Raya is one of the micronations that do not have formal military institutions.

Micronational Organizations

The Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya is active in the intermicronational organizations since the Supreme Soviet practiced open relation policy in early March 2014. Sunda Raya first joined the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM), which is an intermicronational organisation consisting of micronations located inside Indonesian sector. It is established in July 11, 2011. Sunda Raya was accepted as a full member of AIM on 15 April 2014. Sunda Raya was first accepted as observer in February 2014, and has passing an one-month obligated period on that status before applying full membership.

Sunda Raya officially joined the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia (MASA), which is an intermicronational organisation that serves to enrich ties between micronations located in Southeast Asia, particularly member states of the macronational Association of Southeast Asian Nations, on 30 June 2014.

Currently, Sunda Raya aims to establish cooperation with other micronations, promoting micronationalism, and struggling for proletarian internationalism to build the socialism globally. Moreover, the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya had commissioned an independent commitee for establishing a new Workers Intermicronationale.