People's Bank of Sunda Raya

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People's Bank of Sunda Raya
Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya
Logo of Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya
Logo of Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya
HeadquartersKomune Bandung Raya, Sunda Raya
Established28 February 2014
Central bank ofSunda Raya
SRD (ISO 4217)
Bank rate0.1%
Interest on reserves20%
Founded as BRSR

People's Bank of Sunda Raya, officially known as Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya or BRSR, was the central bank of Sunda Raya. It was established on 28 February 2014 based on consolidation of three bank, which are Bank Jawa Barat, Bank Dana Aman, Bank Becea. Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya had authorities to design, print, and distribute the Duit, the currency of Sunda Raya.

Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya has the motto "Menuju Kemakmuran, Menuju Sosialisme", which can be translated to "Towards Prosperity, Towards Socialism". this motto reflects the aim of using the controlled previous system in escalating the productive forces as a need in building socialism in the future. During the NEP (New Economic Policy), the BRSR was strictly supervised.


The top management of the BRSR is composed of the governor and a certain number of deputy governors. The governor of Bank Rakyat Sunda Raya is the minister of treasury, who is part of the Collective Leadership of Sunda Raya. The governor of the BRSR is appointed into or removed from office directly by the people in the congress of Supreme Workers Council. The candidate for the governor of the BRSR is nominated by the People's Committee of Compentencies and approved by the Supreme Workers Council. The deputy governors of the BRSR are also appointed to or removed from office directly by the people in the congress of Supreme Workers Council.


The BRSR had established 5 regional branches, one each in the capital of Parahyangan, Pantai Selatan, Natuna, Madura, Sabah and Mindanao. It also has 2 operations offices in Komune Bandung Raya and Komune Cilandak, and 50 communal sub-branches.


The BRSR consisted of 18 functional departments (bureaus) as below.

  • General Administration Department
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Monetary Policy Department
  • Financial Market Department
  • Financial Stability Bureau
  • Financial Survey and Statistics Department
  • Accounting and Treasury Department
  • Payment System Department
  • Technology Department
  • Currency, Gold and Silver Bureau
  • State Treasury Bureau
  • Intermicronational Department
  • Internal Auditing Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Research Bureau
  • Credit Information System Bureau
  • Anti-Money Laundering Bureau (Security Bureau)
  • Education Department of the BRSR Committee
  • Communal Credit Cooperatives Departement