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Sundaner duit
Official users DRSR.png Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Pegged to US dollar
Symbol DSR ($ also used)
Code DSR
Nickname Duit, Recehan, Uang, Fulus
Sub-unit 1/100 (receh)
Coins 1 R, 2 R, 5 R, 10 R, 50 R, DSR 1
Banknotes DSR 5, DSR 10, DSR 20, DSR 50, DSR 100,
Central bank People's Bank of Sunda Raya

The Sundaner duit (plural: duit; currency code DSR), occasionally called the duit, is the currency of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. It is divided into 100 receh (cents). The duit is issued by the People's Bank of Sunda Raya under the direction of the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya.


The word "duit" means money in Indonesian. The name duit originated from a Dutch coin which contains the picture of a chicken and used during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia in 19th century. Today, this Dutch coin is very rare in Indonesia, although the usage of word duit always refers to money in general.


The first issue of duit was instructed by the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya on 1 March 2014. The People's Bank of Sunda Raya, which is directed by the State Financial Commitee formed by Supreme Soviet, was given the authority to print and distribute the duit. There is still only one emission that has been printed.

The duit is used in all federal subjects and dependent territories of Sunda Raya alongside with the Indonesian rupiah as the legal tender. According to a resolution of the Supreme Soviet, the duit is also used alongside with the workers coupon to access daily basic needs in the principle of "those who does not work, neither shall he eat." and "to each according to its contributions."


Before its dissolution, the NEP (New Economic Policy) had given more power for market forces in directing the economy of Sunda Raya. It demanded more printed duit throughout Sunda Raya. As a result, the overprinting of duit caused economic instability. During the NEP, the inflation reached almost 86% and there was also scissor price crisis.

The NEP was abolished by the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya on July 2014. The usage of duit, however, is not abolished yet. Moreover it is used alongside with Indonesian rupiah and workers coupon as legal tenders.


Currently, there is only one emission of Sundaner duit that is in circulation which is the 2014 emission. There is a plan to issue a new emission. The Supreme Soviet, however, have not decided to issue a new emission yet. After the disaterous NEP, it is predicted that the current issue will not be printed again and the workers coupon will replace it completely. All banknotes are printed in the Sundaner Banknotes & Printing Collectives under the direction of the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya.

Image Value Main Colour Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
5RL.png 5RL.png 5 duit Yellow Tan Malaka Planned Economy
5RL.png 5RL.png 10 duit Blue Leon Trotsky Trotsky addressing the comintern
5RL.png 5RL.png 20 duit Green Vladimir Lenin Lenin's speech in front of soviet workers
5RL.png 5RL.png 50 duit Violet Friederich Engels Karl Marx with Friederich Engels
5RL.png 5RL.png 100 duit Red Karl Marx Karl Marx with Friederich Engels
All banknotes printed in Sundaner Banknote & Printing collectives