Sundaner Institute of Informatics

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Sundaner Institute of Informatics

Logo of the Sundaner Institute of Informatics
Future value creation
Established 10 December 2015
Country The Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Type State owned research institute
Fields of Research Computer science, informatics, big data
Leader Board of SII directors
General information
Headquarters Komune Kenanga, Sunda Raya
official Facebook page

The Sundaner Institute of Informatics, or SII, was a Sundaner research institute created in December 2015 for the purpose of advancing the study of informatics. This institute was also devoted to creating a system to facilitate the spread of scientific information to the general public. The SII is the only comprehensive research institute in Sunda Raya in informatics. It also oversaw and maintained a large, searchable information database on a variety of scientific and non-scientific topics.


On 12 September 2015, three organizations were merged to form the SII: Mahmud Sunandar Institute of Computer Science (MASICS), Srikandi Programmer Society, and Sunan Gunung Jati Center of Computing. SII was formed as an Independent Administrative Institution administered by the Committee for Science and Technological Advancement under the Supreme Workers Council, Institute of Science and Technology and the National Communications Agency.


SII was composed of the following organizations:

  • Advanced Computing Center
  • Departement of Information Technology
  • Digital Content and Media Sciences Center
  • Information and Society Research Center

Research in the Institute

A variant of SII's logo

The institute focused on scientific research regarding information-gathering techniques and systems for information management in all scholarly disciplines. The SII attempts to balance theoretical and practical research approaches, aiming to create new techniques for searching and organizing extremely high-volume databases using new opportunities presented by advancements in high-speed network capabilities. The SII conducts research in partnership with numerous universities and other research institutions, both in Sunda Raya and abroad. The institute's primary goal was enhancing the knowledge of informatics in Sunda Raya, but it also works closely with international and exchange researchers and institutes for the advancement of multiple goals, including the development of international standards in informatics.


WeData and CarubanBit were advanced search databases offered and maintained as a part of the SII's GeNii (Global Environment for Networked Intellectual Information) division. GeNii was created as means of integrating and unifying the content of several information retrieval and electronic library services overseen by the SII, the primary result of which has been the WebData search systems. WebData, and its simultaneously maintained successor, CarubanBit, are book and journal search systems that supply holdings information for materials held in research institutes and university library collections throughout Sunda Raya. CarubanBit currently has information on over one hundred titles, and both systems can be searched in English, Bahasa, Basa Sunda, Basa Jawa, Cak Madhurreh, and Tagalog. GeNii's further plans for the WeData system include integrating the entire holdings of the All-Sundaner Soviets Library into the searchable database. The project was estimated to be completed in 2016.