Soviet Socialist Republic of Parahyangan

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Council Republic of Parahyangan
Republik Dewan Rakyat Parahyangan
  Federal Entity of Sunda Raya  
A view from the summit of Manglayang, a mountain located in The Soviet Socialist Republic of Parahyangan.

Motto: "Kaum buruh sadunia hayu ngahiji!"
"The Anthem of the Council Republic of Parahyangan"
Federal Entity DRSR.png Sunda Raya
Capital Komune Bandung Raya
 - Head of Government Collective leadership
 - Total 70 km2 (27 sq mi)
Population (April 2014)
 - Total 9
Demonym Sundaner, Sundanese
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Council Republic of Parahyangan, officially known as Republik Dewan Rakyat Parahyangan, was the federal entity of Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. It was established on February 28, 2014 by the Revolutionary Council of Sunda Raya. It was located in West Java, in the north of Council Republic of Pantai Selatan. It was consisted of 10 communes. It was previously known as Soviet Socialist Republic of Parahyangan


Immidiately after the Great Southeast Asia Proletarian Revolution, the short lived provisional government was dissolved and the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya was proclaimed by the Revolutionary Council of Sunda Raya in Bandung Raya. Shortly after that, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Parahyangan was proclaimed by the Revolutionary Council on February 28, 2014, as the federal entity of Sunda Raya.


The republic had a population of 9, which made it the largest federal entity of Sunda raya in terms of population. The main language of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Parahyangan was Sundanese, one of the official and major language of Sunda Raya.

West Java was the native homeland of Sundanese people which forms the largest ethnic group in West Java, followed by Javanese who migrated to the province centuries ago. Since Jakarta and the surrounding area, including West Java, was the business and political center of Sunda Raya, the federal entity had attracted various people from throughout Sunda Raya and its neighbours.


A view from Manglayang towards Komune Bandung Raya.

Soviet Socialist Republic of Parahyangan, as a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, had many mountains and volcanoes. The vast volcanic mountainous region of inland West Java is traditionally known as Parahyangan (also known as Priangan or Preanger) which means "The abode of hyangs (gods)". It was considered as the heartland of the Sundanese people. The highest point of West Java is the stratovolcano Mount Cereme (3,078 meters).


The republic consisted of 10 communes which are located in 5 different places. The seat of federal government was in Komune Bandung Raya. The communes were located in West Java and South Jakarta. most of the communes were located in the Bandung and Majalengka region.


Initially, the economy of the Sundanese people in the republic relied heavily on rice cultivation. The mountainous region of West Java was also a major producer of vegetables and decorative flowering plants. Traditionally, Sundanese people often used dry rice cultivation (ladang).

Communes located in Indramayu, and Cirebon, were now well known as key rice producing areas. Animal farms in West Java produce dairy products and meats. The Council Republic of Parahyangan was the major rice and dairy products supplier of entire Sunda Raya.

The gradual agriculture collectivization is now implemented throughout Council Republic of Parahyangan. During the NEP, the small to medium size private enterprises was allowed under strict supervision.