People's Police of Sunda Raya

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People's Police of Sunda Raya

Emblem of the PPSR
Kaadilan kanggo sadayana!
(Justice for all!)
Established February 29, 2014
Country The Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Branches State Council and Central Military Comission
Type Military Gendarmerie
Role Preservation of Public Order and Security, Civil Defence, Reserves, Engineering Projects
Supreme Commander Chairperson of Militia Council
General information
Headquarters Komune Bandung Raya, Sunda Raya

The People's Police of Sunda Raya (PPSR), officially Polisi Rakyat Sunda Raya or People's Police Force of Sunda Raya (Sundanese: Pulisi Rakyat Sunda Raya) was a paramilitary or gendarmerie force primarily responsible for civilian policing and fire rescue duties in the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya, as well as providing support to the Sunda Raya People's Army during wartime. It had responsibility in the preservation of public order and security, civil defence, reserves, and engineering Projects.


The PPSR was established by a decree from the Revolutionary Council of Sunda Raya on February 29, 2014. Shortly after the formation of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya, The Revolutionary Council officially formed the People's Police of Sunda Raya by basing it from the previous government. The PPSR was formed as a solution to urgent problems in keeping the order, stability, and public security after The Great Southeast Asia Proletariats Revolution.


The PPSR executes traditional police duties such as investigation and traffic control. It transfers their reports to the People's Committee of State Security. The People's Police of Sunda Raya is a national police force and it is directly administered by and subordinate to the Supreme Soviet of Sunda Raya. The leader of the People's Police of Sunda Raya is Comrade Supreme Commander, which is elected and appointed directly by the people in the congress of the Supreme Workers Council.

Main Administration

The PPSR has four main departements, which are:

  • Criminal Investigation Department (Departemen Investigasi Kriminal)
  • Railway Police Department (Departemen Polisi Sepur)
  • Registration Department (Departemen Registrasi)
  • Traffic Police Department (Departemen Polisi Lalu Lintas)