Sunda Raya People's Army

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Sunda Raya People's Army

Ensign of the SRPA
Maju keur katengtreman!
(Move towards peace!)
March 260|50</videoflash>
Established 28 February 2014
Disestablished 4 August 2014 (transformed into militia system of armed proletariat)
Country The Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Branches Ground Forces, Air Forces, Navy, Strategic Outer Space Troops, Armed Proletariats
Sub-branches Special Forces Detachment,Engineer Detachment, Strategic Missile Detachment
Previous Engagements None
General Staffs Council of Army Deputies
General information
Headquarters Komune Bandung Raya, Sunda Raya
Active personnel 5 (July 2014)
official Facebook page

The Sunda Raya People's Army (SRPA), officially known as Tentara Rakyat Republik Demokratik Sunda Raya or People's Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya (Sundanese: Tangtara Rakyat Republik Demokratik Sunda Raya), was the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. It was also the military of the Revolutionary Council and was established on by decree on 28 February 2014 basing it on already-existing Sundanese Red Army (Sundanese: Tangtara Beureum Sunda).

The Navy of Sunda Raya People's Army alongside with the People's Technology Development Agency was renowned for its technological advancements. The navy had developed and used the Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for maritime research and defence purposes. The Ground Forces had also developed the autonomous metal detector device, which can be used to detect the landmines. However, this breakthrough had affected the budget of the army.


The Underwater ROV developed by the navy of The Sunda Raya People's Army in cooperation with People's Technology Development Agency and Robotic 28.

Shortly after the first national congress of PKP, the workers formed the Sundanese Red Army in order to defend the people's, the party from the capitalist government's oppression. The Sundanese Red Army fought on the side of the communist revolutionaries in the Great Southeast Asia Proletariats Revolution against the fascist regime of Suhertong. Although the armed revolutionaries involved, the revolution was occured without bloodshed. The Sundanese Red Army alongside with the armed peasants peacefully disarmed the previous regime's armed forces. After the dissolution of a short lived provisional government, The Revolutionary Council of Sunda Raya set up the Sunda Raya People's Army by decree on 28 February 2014, basing it on already-existing Sundanese Red Army.


As a part of the transitional proggramme, the abolition of the regular army had been conducted by the soviets according to the decision of the Supreme Soviet on 2 August 2014 . The abolition of the regular army is considered necessary because there is no one to be oppressed. Sunda Raya had been freed from the exploitations and oppressions. Therefore the regular armed forces, which act as a state apparatus to oppress the peoples, is no longer needed.

The Sunda Raya People's Army is completely disestablished on 4 August 2014. All the weapons, vehicles, and other necessary things had already been transferred and managed by the soviets. The peoples security is now protected by the armed proletariat.


The Sunda Raya People's Army consisted of five main components, which are:

  • Ground Forces (Sundanese: Tangtara Darat)
  • Air Forces (Sundanese: Tangtara Langit)
  • Navy (Sundanese: Tangtara Laut)
  • Strategic Outer Space Troops (Sundanese: Tangtara Setrategis Angkasa)
  • Armed Proletariats (Sundanese: Tangtara Buruh Tani)

The Defence Ministry of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya serves as the administrative body of the Armed Forces. Since its formation times, the Comrade General Staff has acted as the main commanding and supervising body of the People's Armed Forces. However, only the peoples directly via the congress of the Supreme Workers Council has the authorities in making every decision on the policy that involved the military institutions such as declaration of war, and conducting peacekeeping mission.

The Sunda Raya People's Army had abandoned the institution of a professional officer corps as a "heritage of feudalism and seniority" and in the course of the Revolution. In particular, the Sunda Raya People's Army condemned the use of the word "officer" and used the word "comrade commander" instead. It abandoned epaulettes and ranks, using purely functional titles such as "Comrade Division Commander", "Comrade Corps Commander", and similar titles.