People's Press Agency

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People's Press Agency

Logo of the PPA
Leresan meunang
(Truth prevails)
Established 28 February 2014
Country The Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Type State owned news agency
Role Broadcast radio, television and online
Broadcast Area All federal entities of Sunda Raya, and Worldwide via internet
Leader Collective Leadership Presidium
General information
Headquarters Komune Bandung Raya, Sunda Raya
official Facebook page

The People's Press Agency, officially known as Agensi Pers Rakyat Sunda Raya (ASRAYA), was the state press agency of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. Asraya was a ministry-level department subordinate to the Supreme Workers Council. Its presidium was elected and appointed directly by the people in the congress of Supreme Workers Council.


Asraya was formed on 28 February 2014, by the Revolutionary Council of Sunda Raya as the official news agency of Sunda Raya. The agency developed overseas broadcasting capabilities and established intermicronational branches by using the internet. It began broadcasting to foreign countries in English from early March 2014.


Asraya operates 50 communal bureaus nationwide and maintains 5 federal bureaus for each federal entity, plus a military bureau. Asraya is the independent channel for the distribution of important news related to the politics of Sunda Raya and the Supreme Workers Council. Most of the newspapers rely on Asraya to fill their pages. Sunda Raya People's Daily, for example, it usually used Asraya material for approximately 20 per cent of its stories. It was printed in five languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Basa Sunda, Basa Madurreh, and Tagalog.

Mass Media

Asraya was a publisher as well as a news agency—it owns two national newspapers, which are Sunda Raya People's Daily, and Suara Rakyat. It also owned the Sunda Raya Central Television.

Internal Investigation Journals

The Internal Investigation Journals, in which certain journals were published specially to provide information and analysis widely to the public. This publication was the part of the openness policy of the government of Sunda Raya. Although these internal reports contain much of Sunda Raya's most sensitive, controversial, and high-quality investigative journalism, the public can access these journals freely.