State Emblem of Sunda Raya

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Emblem of Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Lambang Negara Republik Demokratik Sunda Raya
ArmigerDemocratic Republic of Sunda Raya
Adopted28 February 2014
CrestFive five pointed stars
SupportersRice and cotton

The State Emblem of Sunda Raya, also known as Lambang Negara Sunda Raya, is the official state emblem of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. Although it technically is an emblem rather than a coat of arms, since it does not follow heraldic rules, in Sunda Raya it is commonly called lambang nagara Sunda Raya.


The first state emblem was adopted by the Revolutionary Council of Sunda Raya on 28 February 2014 by acclamation. The first emblem contains a red star with hammer and sickle which symbolizes the eternal unity of workers and peasants. It was designed by the chairman of the Revolutionary Council, and the members of the presidium. The design of the state emblem was largely inspired by the emblem of the West Java.

After the Second Amendments of the Constitution, the Supreme Workers Council adopted the simplified version of the first emblem on 18 August 2016. The red star was omitted and replaced by five five-pointed stars. The motto, which was written in Sundanese, was also omitted in order to make the emblem more universal.


The state emblem shows the traditional socialist state emblems of Red field, yellow stars, a globe, and two wreaths of rice and cotton. The kujang and two wreaths of cotton and rice both represent peoples' power and democracy. The red field represents socialism and workers' power, while the five yellow stars on the crest represent five federal entities of Sunda Raya. The globe under the kujang represents Southeast Asia, the location of the micronation.