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This page is about the musical group. For the form of government, see Diarchy.


Logo of Diarchy.
Background information
GenresIndie rock • Alternative • Instrumental rock
Years active2017-present
Associated actsdatPOD • Pinball • CASIOBOYZ
Current membersHenry Clémens
Newton von Uberquie
See members section for past members

Diarchy is an Uber-Essian indie rock duo formed in 2017. Consisting of Henry Clémens and Newton von Uberquie, the group originally consisted of four members when it was formed, sizing down to two before releasing its debut single, "Paper Tiger," in June 2017. The group recorded one full-length album, self-entitled The Diarchy and released the demos for an unfinished follow-up record to be titled Journals before going on an indefinite hiatus in mid-2018.

On 20 March 2020, after two years on hiatus, the duo released a teaser trailer for a comeback single, "Aura," while also formally shortening the group's name from The Diarchy to simply "Diarchy."


2017-2019: The Diarchy, Journals demos, and hiatus

The members of the Diarchy each wrote and practiced music on their own before being assembled into the band. Each meeting one another individually in the MicroWiki community between 2015 and 2016, they became formally and informally acquainted with one another through the hobby. Henry Clément was the first to meet the other three, having contact with Christopher Woods through the community Forums by 2015, working with and in opposition to Newton von Uberquie within the citizenry of Mercia in mid-2016, and creating a close personal relationship with Alexander Gibbs within days of Gibbs' return to the community in 2017.

Inspired by bands such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and more, Clément gathered together von Uberquie (whom at this point was Clément's Vice Chair in the Grand Unified Micronational) and Woods, the former for his guitar skills and the latter for his vocals and piano knowledge. The troika began working on several tracks, the first of which was a trombone riff improvised by Clément. Said riff would develop over the course of the first month of the band's session to become "Paper Tiger," the group's debut single (though Woods made no contribution to said single).

The group continued recording, racking up as many as five drafts and initial takes of tracks before settling on an initial focus of Clément's riff. Guitar, keyboard, and drums were added by von Uberquie. A lead trombone part was added by Clément to complete take one, but it was turned down for experimentation out of the track's key. A second take of the lead part was made and, after mixing from von Uberquie was deemed suitable. A new drum part was created and "Paper Tiger" was completed. Cover art was designed for the group's planned initial album and "Paper Tiger" was released on 11 June 2017.

The group's second track began being worked on within days of the release of "Paper Tiger." This time based on a riff produced by von Uberquie of which there were approximately 3 takes recorded, Clément went to his home studio and, in a single take, recorded the lead trombone part for the group's second single, now named "Superstition Mountains." Said track was released through Sandwich Records on 30 June 2017.

Said track was received well throughout the micronational community where it was primarily advertised. The group, at this point, decided to limit their outtake of singles and instead focus on the recording of an entire album. Since the release of "Superstition Mountains," members of the Diarchy have promoted the debut album, to be released by the end of 2017.

Heavy promotion was undertaken by Sandwich Corps in preparation for the release of the band's now-announced eponymous album. In late July the group's first two singles were released on Spotify in a move generally thought to help legitimize the band,[citation needed] and it was announced that the entire album too would be released on said platform upon its release.

Following the release of "Emma," the band announced their intentions to release their debut album on 28 October 2017. Following a brief recording hiatus, the album's release was placed on hold indefinitely. It was eventually released in a shortened form on 2 February 2018 as The Diarchy.

In February 2018, the duo announced in an interview with the Eskhavn Guardian that they were recording new music.[1]

In March 2018, Clémens announced his intent to depart from the micronational community, and in effect, the Diarchy's second album - meant to be entitled Journals - was rushed out as a demo compilation entitled Sketches and Demos for "Journals". It was released in May.

2020-present: Comeback and Sojourn

On 20 March 2020, after two years on indefinite hiatus, a teaser video was released on Uberquie's YouTube channel entitled "Aura," confirming a new Diarchy single, which was eventually released on 5 April 2020. It was only the band's second song to have both Clemens and Uberquie listed as songwriters, after "Ironic Interval." A reimagined version of "Superstition Mountains" was released on 23 June 2020.

On 12 December, Diarchy released a 5-song EP entitled Sojourn on 12 December, their first major collection in nearly three years. The EP included "Aura" and the 2020 version of "Superstition Mountains," both of which were previously released as singles.

"Nothing Off the Top of My Head," the band's first new music since the December 2020 release of the Sojourn EP, was released on 21 May 2021.

After a long hiatus, Diarchy releases a new single, called "Camden", around June 2022.


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  • Sojourn (2020)


  • Demos for Journals (2018)