Paper Tiger

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"Paper Tiger"
Cover of the original single release.
Background information
from the album the Diarchy
Recorded13 May – 10 June 2017,
Sandwich Studios
GenreSoft rock • Smooth jazz
Songwriter(s)Henry Clément • Newton von Uberquie (uncredited)
Producer(s)Newton von Uberquie
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"Paper Tiger" is a song by the British-American rock band the Diarchy, written by both Henry Clément and Newton von Uberquie, though only credited to the former. The single evolved from a trombone riff written and recorded by Clément as one of the band's first projects. "Paper Tiger" begins with a bar of drums before adding the background trombone riff, keyboards, and von Uberquie's guitar chords.

"Paper Tiger" was released on 11 June 2017 as the first single by the Diarchy, and the initial release from their upcoming debut album.

Background and release

In May 2017, the Diarchy officially got together as a musical project, united through the Microwiki community and communicating primarily through Skype. As an initial project idea, Clément brought forward a trombone riff with the intention for it to become a funk-inspired track. The riff's direction changed once von Uberquie gave it a soft feel with his drums, keyboard, and guitar. Once these additions were made, the two contemplated cutting out the riff entirely, however settled on allowing it to remain.

For a short period of 5 to 6 days the project was set aside in favor of von Uberquie and Christopher Woods' ideas, though was promptly reintroduced. At this point it was considered desirable for the track - now using the working title "Paper Tiger" referencing the term used by Mao Zedong's regime against the US government - to become the group's initial single.

Three takes of the lead trombone part were made, each with different experiments with the track's key changes. With some small production edits, a new drum track was then added and the track was remixed by von Uberquie.

Clément, as the band's manager and CEO of Sandwich Corps, was responsible for advertising and releasing "Paper Tiger." The single was release on 11 June after the final take and mixes were complete, initially released completely digitally through Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp. It was promptly advertised through a variety of Micronational Skype rooms.

Due to issues with low volume on the single, about an hour after release it was reuploaded on the aforementioned digital programs with increased volume and was briefly mentioned in the aforementioned chats with new upload links.

Critical reception

The single was received warmly, with a monopoly of rewards and listeners coming from the Microwiki community. In an international review, Thomas Albuquerque wrote "The Diarchy starts with a well-made song," though admitting that it is just as much "repetitive and simple, which does not make it bad, on the contrary, sometimes less is more."

In the same review, written for O Folhetim, Albuquerque praises for displaying that "far beyond political simulation, micronationalism is also a space for the construction of other projects," which he claims "strengthens the hobby."

"'Paper Tiger' is a single that deserves to be in the playlists of micronationalists," Albuquerque ended.[1]

Charts and awards


Chart (2017–present) Peak
Esse 1
Karnia-Ruthenia[2] 1
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club 1


Year Nominee/work Award Result
2017 "Paper Tiger" SGTP Tune of the Day Won


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