Emma (song)

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Cover of the original single release.
Background information
from the album the Diarchy
Recorded3–6 August 2017,
Sandwich Studios
GenreIndie rock • Psychadelic rock
Songwriter(s)Newton von Uberquie • Henry Clément (uncredited)
Producer(s)Newton von Uberquie
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The Diarchy singles chronology
Last single
"Superstition Mountains"

"Emma" is a song by the English-American rock band the Diarchy, written almost solely by Newton von Uberquie with small uncredited additions from Henry Clément. The single is the third released by the band since its conception, succeeding their debut single "Paper Tiger" and follow-up "Superstition Mountains" and adopting a heavier sound than their former two.

"Emma" was released on YouTube, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud on 6 August 2017 after several hours by record label Sandwich Records and finalization of production, once again operated chiefly by guitarist Newton von Uberquie.

Background and release

In May 2017, the Diarchy officially got together as a musical project, united through the Microwiki community and communicating primarily through Skype. As an initial project idea, Clément brought forward a trombone riff with the intention for it to become a funk-inspired track. The riff's direction changed once von Uberquie gave it a soft feel with his drums, keyboard, and guitar. Once these additions were made, the two contemplated cutting out the riff entirely, however settled on allowing it to remain.

Clément, as the band's manager and CEO of Sandwich Corps, was responsible for advertising and releasing "Paper Tiger." The single was release on 11 June after the final take and mixes were complete, initially released completely digitally through Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp. It was promptly advertised through a variety of Micronational Skype rooms.

Two days after the release of "Paper Tiger," von Uberquie provided the group with a guitar riff he produced under the file name "butimean.wav." He proceeded to, with the consent and advice of the rest of the group, consistently add new elements to the project, which slowly began to be regarded by the group as a significant improvement on their first single. Clément kept assuring that he would add something to the project, however had to put this off for about a week due to time restraints. Now named "Superstition Mountains," the track was eventually completed. It was released on 31 June when the pair agreed it was a large advancement in the group's music range.

Newton von Uberquie's next single wasn't started until over a month following the release of "Superstition Mountains." He completed most all of the track on his own, and three days after, Clément added subtle trombone parts to the track and released the track as a single, once again on the Sandwich Corps record label.

Critical reception

To date, no official reviews of "Emma" have been released, however upon its release and advertisement in several micronational chatrooms, it was received moderately well.

Charts and awards


Chart (2017–present) Peak
Esse 1
Karnia-Ruthenia[1] 1
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club 1


Year Nominee/work Award Result
2017 "Emma" Micronational Lounge Tune of the Day Won


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