Order of Valor

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Order of Valor
Order of Valor ribbon bar.svg
Ribbon bar
Awarded by the
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Sovereign of Ikonia
TypeMilitary medal
Established17 November 2018
11 April 2019 (reworked)
RibbonYellow, blue and white
CriteriaGood service, deeds and respect for tenure in the Armed Forces of Ikonia
First induction17 November 2018
Next (higher)Order of Excellence
Next (lower)Order of the Heart

The Order of Valor (post-nominal: OV) is a service medal given to troops of the Armed Forces of Ikonia. Extra decorations are awarded each 10 years of subsequent service. The Order has been given four times (including the Sovereign).


The medal is awarded to officers and non-commissioned members of the Regular and Reserve forces, including honorary appointments. The medal may be awarded to persons with foreign service, provided that the individual has completed the full qualifying periods of service for each award.


The ribbon is an alternating pattern of yellow blue and white stripes. The former design consisted of a blue bar with three white stripes and was heavily based off the Baustralian Forces Decoration.


As of 2021, there are only four (including the Sovereign) recipients of the Order of Valor.

Name Awarded for Date
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Cameron I Received as fount of honour 17 November 2018
Luis Sanchez "Gaining prosperity and dutiful service as the Captain General of the Marines." 11 April 2019
Kareem Risha "Gaining peace during the Red Revolution" 3 June 2019
Duke of Limiport "Serving under Sir Sanchez as Commandant General in the Marines" 3 January 2021