League of United Microstates

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League of the United Microstates
Intermicronational organisation
Logo of the League of the United Microstates.png

Headquarters Discord Server

Official language English, Italian

Membership 1 Full member, 0 permanent observers, 0 observers

Position Real Life Headquarters: Damato

Leaders Davide Ledilinski of Ledilia

– Foundation 30 September 2019

League of United Microstates (Abbreviated LUM) is a joint micronational organization aiming to provide help and to enforce public relations between micronations, the League of United Microstates aims to provide a joint defense treaty and justice courtrooms, In order to join the organization you must pass an application which will be judged by the active members which are known as Representants.



The League of United Microstates has independent organs which are divided in:

  • Council of Representants
  • Supreme Court
  • Council for Micronational Defense

These three organs work over three main topics, Justice, Defense, Legislative - Executive decisions, they are managed by the chair but lead by a different role (e.g Supreme Judge).

Council of Representants

The Council of Representants is a supreme independent organ which has a legislative-executive function, it's made of representants (member nation representants) and its main task is to decide for new members, to implement new motions and has power over the organization's organs, the Council can decide to modify the organization structure itself.

Chairman (or Chair)

The Chairman of the, officially the Chair of the Council of Representants, is the executive leader and chief administrative officer of the League of United Microstates. Akin to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Chairperson is the most senior of the three recognized leaders of the LUM, with the office taking precedence over all other political appointments and positions in the organization. The Chair exercises a wide range of powers within the organization, though they have little direct control over member states and their representatives, with the vast majority of their powers being technical and administrative. The Chair is the presiding officer of the Council, serving as a de facto speaker for that chamber, and exercising many of the powers usually vested in the speaker of a legislative chamber.


The offices are a sub-administration part of the League of United Microstates, their job is to administrate different sections of the organization, the current offices:

  • Office for Statistics
  • Office for Events and Summits
  • Office for Public Relations
  • Office for Research and Chemistry

Office for Statistics

The office for statistics is led by a Secretary, this office's task is to watch for authors and conducts statistical research on member states and updates Micropages, and is led by the Secretary, the office of which was created on 30 September 2019.

  • Current secretary: N/A

Office for Events and Summits

The office of Events Officer was created on 30 September 2019. The office for Events and Summits is led by a Secretary, this office's task is to be "responsible for organizing events of any sort in the LUM Lounge, engaging member states outside of the Quorum, and assisting with any other sorts of events held by the LUM."

  • Current secretary: N/A

Office for Public Relations

The office of Outreach Officer was created on 30 September 2019, The holder of the position is "responsible for representing and promoting the LUM in venues outside of the LUM itself, including other micronational organizations."

  • Current secretary: N/A

Office for Research and Chemistry

The Office for Research and Chemistry was created on 30 September 2019. Led by the Secretary, the duty of the position is "to promote micronational scientific development within member states".

  • Current secretary: N/A

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the League of United Microstates is a supreme independent organ which represents Justice, the court is a way to have a common justice in the Organization, the Court has the right to act over cases which take place in the Organization.

Security Council

The Security Council (SC) was the organ of League of United Microstates charged with the promotion and development of intermicronational peace and security. The SC consisted of up to Three member states who were elected every five months with a ban on having a third consecutive full term. The Security Council could intervene in any issues regarding security, conflict or peace promotion between member states, but had no authority to force any nation to change its policy on any issue.


In order to join the Organization, you must pass applications which can be found at LUM/Applications, you can decide to be a full member, a permanent observer or an observer.

  • Full members

Full members are those who have ratified the Charter, and as a result, enjoy all the rights and duties given to a member state. For example, they can contribute to discussions and debates, vote in Council Meetings, and stand for election to any positions in the organization. There are currently eight full member states.

  • Permanent observers

Permanent observers had the same rights as observers, while also being permitted to view Quorum sessions and contribute to discussions, but could not vote or stand for election.

  • Observers

Observers are nations which are permitted access to Council Discussions, and can propose matters to be discussed in a Discussion, but do not have the right to vote in a live Council of representants meeting, or actively participate in one without the consent of the chair. Instead of the three delegates permitted to full and provisional members, observers are only granted one non-voting delegate to observe Council sessions. They also must confirm their continued wish to stay in the LUM every three months, in order to ensure that observer nations wish to actively partake in LUM business as far as is possible and not simply hold the status of observer in a titular fashion.

Full members

Permanent observers