Kronsborg Fortress

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Paravian Coat of Arms Greater.png
Kronsborg Fortress
—  Fortress  —
Kronsborg Fortress
Country Paravia.png Empire of Paravia
Province Province of the Clyne Flag.png Province of the Clyne
Built 2006

Kronsborg Fortress is a wooden fortification overlooking the city of Nyros, the capital of the Empire of Paravia. It is a official military installation of the Imperial Paravian Army, and main fortification defending the capital. The fortress was built in 2006.


The fortress was constructed in 2006. On 5 June 2008 it was the site of the proclamation of the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia, and the fortress served as the Kingdom’s de facto seat until its dissolution in 2010. The fortress would in 2011 be the site of the final battle of the Citrus Civil War, between the Patrician faction of the Citrus Club led by Patrick Renwick, which defended the fortress, and the Sebstinian faction of the club. The battle resulted in a Patrician victory, and the subsequent end of the civil war.