Kossian Defence Forces

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Kossian Defence Forces
Forças Defensoras Kossianas

National Emblem of Koss
Motto: Nos dictatmos a permanencia em combate
English: "We dictate permanance in combat"
Established December 21, 2011
Country Koss
Leader Royal Chancellor
Loyalty Grand Duchy of Koss
Commander Lucas Campos (as Grand Duke of Koss)
Royal Chancellor Lucas Soares
General information
Headquarters Domino and Bravia
Active personnel 2
Identification flag

The Kossian Defence Forces (in Portuguese: Forças Defensoras Kossianas), was the official Army of the 1st Grand Duchy of Koss. It was lead by the Grand Duke, lastly Lucas Campos and the Royal Chancellor, lastly Luiza Portes. Because of the Policy of Peaceful Existence, created by Marka Mejakhansk and adopted by the Grand Duchy, the Army cannot engage in any war.


The 1st Grand Duchy of Koss adopted a policy called Policy of Peaceful Existence, which impeached the Grand Duchy of engaging any type of war. But on December 21, the Grand Duke, Lucas Campos approved the project, creating the Kossian Defence Forces, but because of the policy they are only use it regionally.


The Defence Forces were divided in two branches, which were the Grand Ducal Guard which is responsible for the protection of the Grand Duke of Koss and the Land Force, which was responsible for the protection of the Grand Duchy.


  • Commander
  • Marshal
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Sargeant
  • Private