Kainist Party

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Kainist Party of Nedland
Party LeaderDaniel Dankovsky
Founded13 July 2017
HeadquartersKonjska Glava
Membership  (July 2017)2
Political positionFar right
Great Kurultay
2 / 12

The Kainist Party is a minor political party in the Khanate of Nedland. It was founded on July 24, 2017 by controversial Montenegrin micronationalist Daniel Dankovsky. Its headquarters are in Konjska Glava

It is based on Kainism, an ideology present in nations such as Hasanistan and Kortuga. The ideology is very influenced by the thoughts of White Russian warlord Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, a Baltic German who declared himself the second Genghis Khan in the 1910s, and eventually liberating Mongolia from foreign influence for a time. He is recognized as the second Genghis Khan by the Nedlandic government. It also advocates for the nationalist reclamation of Azikistan, Macita and Kolkaria.

Kainism is an imperialist and reactionary ideology, which aims at the proliferation of authoritarian, autocratic governments, and the spread of Mongol-Slavic culture over micronations worldwide. Nedland's current government itself has many aspects of Kainism, and its culture is formed by both Slavic and Mongol influences. Due to this, Kainism has risen in popularity in the country.