Federal Republic of Sharlino

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Federal Republic of Sharlino
沙利诺联邦共和国 (Chinese)
Flag of Federal Republic of Sharlino
Seal of Federal Republic of Sharlino
Motto: "For liberty and peace!"
Anthem: Republic's Marseillaise
Dark Green is Sharlino
Dark Green is Sharlino
CapitalTwilight Town
Official languagesEnglish
Recognized languagesChinese
• President
Grant Taylor
LegislatureRada of Sharlino
EstablishmentMarch 6, 2022
• Exile
March 12, 2022
• Re-founded
October 6, 2022
• Total
9.92 acres (4.01 ha)
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)

The Federal Republic of Sharlino commonly known as Sharlino, is is a Micronation which claims to be a sovereign state, located within Rhode Island, re-founded by Grant Taylor on October 6, 2022 originally founded by Terry McKeen III as the Republic of Sharlino on March 6, 2022. Bordered by and landlocked inbetween the Most Serene Republic of Averna. Sharlino claims its self as the ligitiment successor of the Republic of Sharlino, and free from the McKeenist Dictatorship of the Federal Republic of Zeprana. Sharlino still uses the chinese languange because of Sharlino's history with the chinese languange, but its main languange is english. The nation used to be known for siding with their Prime Minister, during the Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute supporting his claim to being Head of state of the Empire of Ela'r'oech. The nation is rather isolationist with it not being a member of any micronational organizations with it be a critic of McKeenism and a critic of many homophobic micronations.


The name "Sharlino" (pronounced "Shar-lin-o") orgins from the Republic of Sharlino, the name was made by Terry McKeen III on March 5, 2022. the name was only ever used once before the Federal Republic of Sharlino, and the name originated from the language Liamish.

Brief History

The Federal Republic of Sharlino started as the Republic of Sharlino founded by Terry McKeen III and Charles Madgett during the Second Elarian Monarchy Power Dispute and after the collapse of the Kingdom of Zeprana which claims to be a sovereign state however, it had limited international recognition. With the nation claiming nearly 82sq kilometers, it is one of the largest Micronations in the Rhode Island Sector and the New England Sector as a whole, The Republic of Sharlino was divided up into 5 administrative districts known as states which have equal levels of autonomy over themselves, the current provinces are New Kiev, Zeprana, Pearlocha, Springmede, and Arcadia. the nation merged with the Republic of Yaspaistein shortly after its founding. Awhile after Sharlino reformed as a Anti-McKeenist Republic on October 6, 2022, declaring independence from the McKeenist Government on October 6, 2022.[1]

Forigen Relations

Sharlino has very little forigen relations currently because of its recent re-founding, but it recognizes many micronations.

Mutual recognition


Unilateral recognition

Enemy States

The Federal Republic of Sharlino has two enemies, which are both homophobic un-peaceful states.


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