Council of Nedlandic Elders

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Council of Nedlandic Elders
Emblem of the Council of Nedlandic Elders.png
President of NedlandNed Gunderson, Labour Party of Nedland (LPN)
since The Most Democratic Election Ever! 2015
Vice PresidentEdward Adjei-Prempeh, LPN
since The Most Democratic Election Ever! 2015
Minister of the CouncilStas Radziwill, LPN
since The Most Democratic Election Ever! 2015
Secretary of StateCarlo Pizzano, LPN
since The Most Democratic Election Ever! 2015
Members23 Ministers and 1 Provincial President
The Council of Ministers political groupsTolerated Parties

Opposition Parties

  • Matt Noone (0)
The Council of Ministers voting systemThe 'people' democratically elect the officials to their posts
The Council of Ministers last electionThe Most Democratic Election Ever! 2015
Meeting place
The Great Library

The Council of Nedlandic Elders is the parliament and legislature of the Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics. It is essentially the cabinet combined with the parliament, and even has provincial presidents from its republics in the Council. All seats are currently held by the Labour Party of Nedland (LPN).


The Council was created soon after Nedland declared themselves as a sovereign state in the commonwealth of the United States. Created originally with 15 seats consisting of 'elected representatives,' all of which were appointed by president Ned Gunderson. The LPN of Nedland held all seats. There was no opposition Nedland until 14 May 2015, when Matt Noone declared he wanted to president. Then, the terrorist group LFL declared war within Nedland, but that was all.

Seats and Parties

Political Parties

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Seats
Parties of the Council
Labour Party of Nedland Symbol of the Labour Party of Nedland.png LPN Ned Gunderson Left (Social Democrat) 23
Matt Noone for President Matt Matt Noone Unknown 0

Current Administration of Nedland

Name Elected Position
Ned Gunderson 29 April 2015 President
Edward Adjei-Prempeh 7 May 2015 Vice President
Carlo Pizzano 7 May 2015 Secretary of State
Michael Maimone 14 May 2015 Head Judge of the Supreme Court
Stas Radziwill 7 May 2015 Minister of the Council


Ministry Name of Ministers Date Appointed
Representative of the Council S. Radziwiłł 8 May 2015
Interior (Secretarial position) Ned Gunderson 8 May 2015
Athletics N. Alakija 12 May 2015
Foreign Affairs J. St. Pierre 20 May 2015
Panic Patrick Renwick 4 August 2015
Hats Stephen Freayth 4 August 2015
Vodka C. Rangel 8 May 2015
Geese Radia I 4 August 2015

Council of Provincial Presidents

Members of the Sub-council of Representatives

Autonomous Republic Name Appointed
Flag of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic.png Nedland Ned Gunderson 8 May 2015