Union of Stella Primum

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Union of Stella Primum (USP)Flag of Union of Stella Primum.png

Motto: "Certa Cito"
English: "Swift and Sure"

Headquarters: тиятсии(Tyatsy')
Language: English
Date founded: 10 March 2019
Type: Geopolitical Organisation
Status: Active

Founder States: E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg Lurnex
New KoTarvitian Flag.png Tarvit
TheBirchRepublic.png Birch
D1FDCDCB-61B4-42B8-B5EC-E8773EFD3BD8.jpeg Afrax (Suspended 11/03/19)

Governance: Committee
Secretary General
Keenan Carr I
Chairman of the
USP Committee
General Alexander Smith
Supreme Allied
Commander Scotland
Colonel El-Tagani
Supreme Allied
Commander England
President of the
Birch Rep.

The Union of Stella Primum (USP) (Afrikaans: "Unie van Eerste Ster") is a geopolitical union of micronations concieved originally by Secretary General Keenan Carr I along with 4 other national leaders. 4 of the original founders are still active after Miserbia pulled out of the Union due to time zone issues.


The Union, on March 16 , expressed it's need for a fifth state to aid in the development and founding process of the Union.