My Party (Los Bay Petros)

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My Party
Partai Gua
The My Party Emblem
Motto:Always Happy and Brave (Adopted from the old LBP's motto)
Date Founded:December 4th 2010
Micronation:Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Leader:Muhammad Andy Rafly
Seats in Los Bay Petrosian Parliament:0

My Party is the one of the four political parties in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros and one of the newest.It was founded on December 4 2010 in DCT by Muhammad Andy Rafly who was also the current head of My Party.

My Party has been banned indefinetly because of their involvement on the Republic of Shuffle side in the Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War.

Parliament Seats

The My Party NLC seats is none. This party will not join the 2011 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election after they're banned .