List of micronational companies by date of establishment

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This list of micronational companies by date of establishment includes brands and companies, excluding associations and educational, banking, courts, ministries, or religious organizations. To be listed, a brand or company name must remain operating, either in whole or in part, since inception.


Only companies with a relative estimation of the year of establishment will be listed.

Company Year Micronation Field
Bank of Ibania 17 November 1982 Ibania
Melanau and Bidayuh Bank of Ibania 5 January 1985 Ibania
Ibania Airlines 4 May 1987 Ibania
Ibania National Television (IBNT) 21 July 1988 Ibania Television and News Network
Petrojaya 5 August 1998 Ibania Petroleum
Tpiua Web 22 August 2002  Ünie
XCU 9 October 2003  New Eiffel Therapy
MC Workings 7 November 2005  Ünie
JetIbania 5 January 2006 Ibania Airline
The Ibania Times 3 March 2006 Ibania Newspaper
Smith Restaurant 2007  New Eiffel Restaurant
Atlantis Media Broadcasting Network 30 September 2010  Atlantis
Dania Radio Television 14 August 2011 Dania
Z. S Movies 2013  New Eiffel Film studio
Ashukov Broadcasting Corporation 5 January 2014  Ashukov Federation Radio and television broadcasting
Bank of Falcar 2015  Falcar Monetary
Today's News! 2015  New Eiffel News
Royal Falcarian Postal Service 10 June 2016  Falcar Postal Service
Royal Botanical Society of Falcar 30 June 2016  Falcar Flora & Fauna Protection
Pacific AeroStar Aircraft 14 January 2017 Arstotzkan Union Aircraft and weapons development
ZSR Film Reviews 9 March 2017  New Eiffel Film reviews
Z&jProductions 18 April 2017  New Eiffel Film studio
ZNEWS 21 May 2017  New Eiffel News
RainDrop Technology 3 June 2017  Kingdom of Quebec
ZEDinformation 12 July 2017  New Eiffel
Unlabelled by DABS September/October 2017  New Eiffel
Zfilms 10 November 2017  New Eiffel Film studio
ZSR-Parent 2018?  New Eiffel Parent
New Eiffel Weather 2018  New Eiffel Weather news
Happy Reading, Inc. 2018  New Eiffel Digital books
Storage for You! 1 January 2018  New Eiffel Self-storage
Zed-Art 4 January 2018  New Eiffel Art
Cadence 23 January 2018  New Eiffel
Official New Eiffel Ratings Board 17 March 2018  New Eiffel
Farkasok és Szar Studios 21 July 2018  New Eiffel Film studio
National Bank of Vlasynia-Dartiria 21 July 2018 United Republic of Vlasynia-Dartiria Monetary
National Bank of Vlasynia 23 August 2018 Vlasynian Despotate Monetary
Expert Z&jConstructions September 2018  New Eiffel Construction
Please Recycle, Inc. 3 October 2018  New Eiffel
The New Eiffel Times 6 October 2018  New Eiffel
Statistic-Fire 8 October 2018  New Eiffel
Spooked Out! Productions 13 October 2018  New Eiffel Film and television studio
j History 22 October 2018  New Eiffel
New Eiffel Shows 'dot' Com 22 October 2018  New Eiffel
Win-a-lot Casino 12 November 2018  New Eiffel
Jinx Media 24 November 2018  New Eiffel
Terra Commons 25 November 2018  New Eiffel
Daily Meme 25 November 2018  New Eiffel
Safe zone 27 November 2018  New Eiffel
Despacito Radio 6 December 2018  New Eiffel
Micronational Furry Protection Organisation 16 December 2018  New Eiffel
Jinxx 17 December 2018  New Eiffel
Public Television Entertainment 5 January 2019  New Eiffel
New Eiffel News 11 January 2019  New Eiffel
Biggo Banks 17 January 2019  New Eiffel
New Eiffel Games 27 January 2019  New Eiffel
Indie Books! 30 January 2019  New Eiffel
Tea Time News 12 February 2019  New Eiffel
Grand Italics 12 February 2019  New Eiffel
Dumais-Couleuvres McGrath Holdings 16 February 2019  Kingdom of Quebec
Gangsta Entertainment 16 February 2019  New Eiffel
New Eiffel Subtitling Company 25 February 2019  New Eiffel
Ziggo? 8 March 2019  New Eiffel
Water Co. 11 March 2019  New Eiffel
Classical Claw Films 15 April 2019  New Eiffel
AB Pluming 6 May 2019  New Eiffel
Pie Salon 8 May 2019  New Eiffel
Arstotzkan Union National News Network 13 September 2019 Arstotzkan Union Televsion and News Broadcasting
Filorux Group 25 September 2019  Princia
Dee Group December 2019  Princia
Eagle Aircraft Corporation 30 October 2020 Sprinske Empire Aircraft Manufacturing
Codrii Vlăsiei News 22 February 2021 Vlasynian Despotate News
BetaMen 22 June 2021 Union of North American Micronations Technology
Slitronian Television & Radio 4 September 2021 Slitronia Flag.svg|frameless|25x25px]] Slitronia Television and Radio
Concordian Media and Broadcasting Collective 9 September 2021 Concordian Republic Media organisation
New Athens Marketing 19 October 2021  Free Nation of New Athens Website design and marketing
Emerald Broadcasting Network and Armalight Media Channel November 20, 2021 Qinnowah Media
The Northwest Sky December 2021  Suverska News
National Bank of the Federation 27 March 2022 Federation of the Seven Towers Banking
Seven Towers Airlines 27 March 2022 Federation of the Seven Towers Airline
The Space Program of the Federation 27 March 2022 Federation of the Seven Towers Space
The Federation Media Outlet 27 March 2022 Federation of the Seven Towers News/Media
Lygonia Tec 7 May 2022 Republic of New Somerset News/Media
Penroe-Louçade 21 May 2022  Princia
Jornal del Pueblo 12 October 2022  Republic of ValeVRG News/Media
Yusienia Electronic Systems 2019
2022(Moved to Yusienia)
 Yusienia Computer hardware