Dale-Rukora football matches

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Surrey Derby
Dale Football Logo.png vs. Flag of Rukora.png
City or regionSurrey, England
Teams involvedDale Republic, Federal Republic of Rukora
Number of meetings1
Most winsDale 1
Most recent meetingMicroWiki Cup Group B
Largest victoryDale 2-1 Rukora

This article is about matches between the Federal Republic of Rukora and Dale national football teams in association football. It covers virtual football as well as real football matches.

The Dale and Rukora national football teams are minor sporting rivals who have played each other since mid 2012, to date the Dale Republic and Federal Republic of Rukora have only played 1 virtual match and no real world match yet a football rivalry quickly developed on the basis that the two micronations are the only ones to exist in Surrey. Their first encounter was a virtual match in the group stages of the 2012 MicroWiki Cup where they were both in Group B, the Dale Republic beat Rukora 2-1 after goals after a second half goal from Danny Clarke gave the Dale Republic the lead needed to win after Rukora equalised just before half time.

The rivalry is based only on location with no tensions between the two micronations, it is unlikely that any disturbances could occur should the two teams meet in any real football match because of how basic the rivalry is.



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