Baustralian War

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Baustralian War
Baustralian War Victory Medals.svg
Baustralian War Victory Medal with all clasps
Left: Quebec variant Centre: Obverse Right: Reverse
Baustralia, the dominons, Kapreburg
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The Baustralian War was a military campaign provoked by Baustralia. Aimed at annexation, they used other countries aide and common needs to accomplish this for the benefit of the aiding states.


Battles in this war include the Baustralian Conquest, a battle usually provoked by new states threatened by Baustralia; La Câlin, a battle against Kapreburg after it went rogue in the eyes of Baustralia and Quebec, and the Baustralian-Eurekan war started by Joshua I after disagreeing to a term in the peace treaty where John I would have became a Eurekan naval officer.


Commander in Chief, Baustralian Forces
Admiral of the Fleet King John I, Lord High Admiral and Commander-in-Chief in and over Baustralia
Supreme Allied Commander
Command flag of a FM-MHRAF.svg Field Marshal Emily Day, Chief of the General Staff
Commander in Chief, Eurekan Forces, and Aerial Allied Commander
Kingdom of Eureka Marshal of the Eurekan Air Force King Joshua I, Commander in Chief
Naval Allied Commander
Command pennant of an OF-9 in Baustralia.svg Admiral Sir John Timpson, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff
Commander in Chief, Quebecois Forces
People's Federation of Quebec Field Marshal Aidan McGrath, Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief, Blairtopian Forces
Blairtopia King Blair, Commander in Chief
Now known as The Right Honourable Brigadier Lord Cornwall.
Commander in Chief, Edstmanian Forces
Edstmae Queen Katelynn, Commander in Chief
Now known as Her Royal Highness Admiral the Duchess of Concord.
Commander in Chief, Kapresh Forces
Kapreburg Generalissimo Jack Morris, Commander in Chief
Now known as King Jackson I of Kapreburg, or The Right Honourable Rear admiral Lord Englewood.
Commander in Chief, Tentacion Forces
Tentacion Felkin, Commander in Chief
Now known as His Grace Marshal of His Royal Air Force the Duke of London
Commander in Chief, Nishlorpian Forces
Nishlorpia Queen Molly, Commander in Chief
Commander in Chief, Wangatang Forces
Wangatangia Jacob Mayjames, Commander in Chief
Commander in Chief, Rmhoanian Forces
Reagan I, Commander in Chief
Now known as Captain Reagan Greenson
Mecca I, Commander in Chief


From the Baustralian War, Baustralia gained 2 square kilometres (0.77 sq mi) of land, the Baustralian Empire was built up through the annexation of Wangatangia and the independance of Tentacion. Kapreburg, a state occupied in the war, submits to the presidency of Aidan McGrath and the elevation of John I, all through the Treaty of Chariot'sville. After Operation Final, on 28 October 2022 at 12:10, Baustralia forfeited the war with Nishlorpia, marking the end of the Baustralian War.