Baustralian-Eurekan war

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Baustralian-Eurekan war
Part of the Baustralian War
Date4–12 June 2019
Baustralia, Eureka
Result Baustralian and Quebecois victory
Commanders and leaders
  • Baustralia John I
  • Baustralia Emily Day
  • Baustralia John Timpson
  • Kingdom of Quebec Aidan I
  • Kingdom of Eureka Joshua I
  • Rmhoania Reagan I
  • Rmhoania Mecca I

The Baustralian-Eurekan war is a military conflict between Baustralia and her allies, and Eureka and her allies. It commenced with a treaty between Baustralia and Eureka was misread by Joshua I and mistook one of the terms. When he was corrected, he declared war. Baustralia promptly declared war in return within hours.

On 12 June 2019, alongside the cession of Gradonian land into Baustralia, Joshua I agreed to a peace treaty which includes the cession of a one square metre (11 sq ft) and a military alliance.

Treaty of Brighton

Peace Treaty of Brighton to end Uprovoked Aggression from Eureka, Kingdom of
Whereas the Kingdom of Eureka and the Empire of Baustralia were at a state of war, this treaty serves to end this.
Resolved are the relations between Eureka and Baustralia, and the two parties shall become military allies.
Baustralian Reparition [sic]
Joshua the First shall give John the First territory measuring one square metre from the first and original land claim [of Eureka].
If, in the case the Kingdom of Rmhoania, that is the ally of Eureka in the Baustralian-Eurekan War, should engage in war, Eurekan troops shall fight alongside the Baustralian and Quebecois troops.
Patrick Garofano
CPO1 Duke of Tremur
John IRI
Adm of the F John I of Baustralia
Emily Day
Field Marshal Emily Day
John Timpson
Admiral John Timpson
Joshua Martel [sic]
M.E.A.F. Joshua I of Eureka