United Micronations (2008)

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This article is about one of the United Micronations. For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

United Micronations

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia
Official Languages: English
Membership: 23 member states
Established: 2008
Disestablished: September 2009
Website: Official Website


General Secretary: Rt. Hon. Patron McCleary

The United Micronations, often referred to just with the abbreviation UNMCN, was an intermicronational organisation founded in 2008. Its forum and website were removed in September, and the organization was definitely dismantled. The forum, however, only discussion board for its members, was already inactive since August 2009.

The UNMCN was the only intermicronational organization that did not recognize the Grand Unified Micronational.

First established with 4 member states, the UNMCN was particularly under the spotlight after the Rhodesian War, which had great impact in the MicroWiki community.

Around September 2009, following a long period of inactivity, the organisation's forums and website disappeared without explanation.[1]

Member States

Founding Members

  • Catholic Principality of New Texas
  • The Republic of the Mirage Islands
  • Grand Duchy of Fulton and Dell
  • Republic of Rhodesia "Government-in-Exile"[2]

Other full members


  1. In conclusion to said conflict, several micronations legally adopted a non-communication status with the UNMCN due to various past offenses.
  2. Rhodesia was also known for several issues with GUM member states. Sandus declared Rhodesia a Sandef Code Unum Dommagus threat, a micronational scam, and a "micronation wish (sic) harms the work and the voice of all micronations- even the everlasting history of the true and real Republic of Rhodesia. Their lies and scams shall be remembered forever by our people."

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