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The Kingdom of Square Царство Сквера
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Kingdom of Square]]
Motto: Truth, Purity, Equality, Reality, Insanity
Anthem: (In voting)
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Spanish, French, German
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
King MC Square
• Prime Minister
Max Agen
• Secretary of Defence
Viktor Khersonski
• Census
CurrencySquare (※)
Time zoneUTC-8 (PST)

The Kingdom of Square was founded on December 29, 1998. The kingdom has declared its independence in protest against the actions of the Canadian and American governments, and do not wish to take part in or support any of their political schemes and agendas. The capital of the kingdom is located approximately 40 Kilometres east of Vancouver, Canada, with one other province nearby and one territory located overseas. The Kingdom of Square is a sovereign and independent micronation which classifies itself as a 'new-nation project', not a ‘virtual nation’ and strives to establish peaceful relations with any other nation wishing to become an ally.

Government and Administration

The Kingdom of Square is, in standard political terms, best described as a constitutional monarchy. Although, this is not your typical constitutional monarchy in the sense that it does not impose power over it’s people, it does not have a rank-based political system, and most of all the king is also secretary of state. We do not have a system of distinct political parties like most other countries, as our politics are based on co-operation rather than competition. The Prime Minister controls import/export policies, relations with Canada, and overall has more responsibilities than the King, though the King takes care of all matters involving micronational politics and citizen’s rights. The King is responsible for claiming and annexing external territories into the kingdom and is the nation’s representative in all intermicronational matters. The KOS's North American land (Capital, Riverview Provinces) is currently under direct administration from the Parliament and the King, while the Overseas Territory of Victoria is governed by local leaders appointed by the people, and organized by the Grand Sultan of Victoria. The kingdom currently follows an unofficial constitution pending completion and approval of the King.

The Cabinet

  • The King, MC Square
  • Prime Minister, Max Agen
  • Duke, Ra the Great
  • Minister of Intermicronational Relations, Valentín Horacio Alfonso Hernando Rodriguez
  • Secretary of Defence, Viktor Khersonski
  • Grand Sultan/Representative for the Overseas Territory of Victoria: Arkadiy Taranenko


Currently citizenship is granted to all permanent residents of the Kingdom, and to all individuals affiliated with or representing the kingdom internationally. A citizenship application program is presently in effect for any individuals meeting criteria, see Additional Info at the bottom of the page.

Legal System

Due to the relatively small population of the kingdom, the K.O.S. is a very liberal micronation in terms of bylaws, regulations and the persecution of criminals. Further information can be obtained by viewing the Unofficial Constitution of The Kingdom of Square, and the Legal Information Page.


Capital Province

The Capital Province is a small area of land which functions as the administrative center for the rest of the kingdom, and as a residence for members of the royal family and their guests. It consists of three regions, one of which is an open territory with unlimited access (the Freedom Region), and the other two secure areas for citizens and guests only. The central buildings, within the Agen Region, are the royal residences and the administrative centers, and require passage through one of the customs gates to enter. The Garden Region, located north of the Agen Region, is the primary leisure and green area of the province, with multiple gardens full of flowers and subtropical plants. There are two plazas which are both designated relaxation areas, both located in the Garden Region. The main produce cultivation area is a small piece of land in the northernmost point of the Freedom Region, where peas, tomatoes, various salad greens, and berries are grown.

Riverview Provinces

North Riverview Province

The North Riverview province is located half a kilometre east of the Capital Province, and is separated from the South Riverview Province by a Canadian highway called the Haney Bypass. The Province consists of two regions, one being a grassy plateau (Riverview Plateau) and the other being a partially forested lowland, becoming a steep slope as you go northward (Blackberry Hill). There are many fruit trees and berry bushes growing wild throughout the province, and plans to build farmland in Riverview Plateau are being considered. There are several transport routes passing through this province which are used mainly during the berry harvesting season. The semi-permanent population of the province consists of illegal squatters, with which the kingdom is currently attempting peaceful negotiations, as the kingdom's present constitution does not permit violent conflict of any kind with individuals unless they pose an imminent threat to the kingdom. Due to the lower priority status of this land, sentries are not stationed at its entrances, instead scouts are sent to the province once a month to maintain the kingdom's presence within the province and to report on the condition of the transport network.

South Riverview Province

The South Riverview Province is the most recent addition to the Kingdom of Square. It is located 60 metres south of the North Riverview Province, and is directly on the shore of the Fraser River. This land has great potential due to it being the only province in the kingdom with access to the Pacific Ocean, which can be reached via the Fraser River and the Strait of Georgia 60 kilometres further west. The land is mainly flat, consisting of deciduous forest with a few conifers. There are two creeks in this area, one marking the eastern border with Canada; and the other a slightly larger, potentially navigable waterway running through the middle point of the province. The infrastructure in this area is still poorly developed but plans have been drawn to improve and extend the path which leads about halfway into the province; and to develop a military outpost deeper in the forest.

Overseas Territory of Victoria

Flag of the Overseas Territory of Victoria

Unlike the other two provinces belonging to the kingdom, the Overseas Territory of Victoria is located on a different continent from the rest of the kingdom (Asia). This is the only overseas territory belonging to the KOS, and the only one with official semi-autonomous status (it is governed by local leaders appointed by the people). This is the location of the main overseas representative office for the kingdom, and it is also one of the kingdoms highest priority trade centers after the capital. Many European and Asian goods are imported via the surrounding Republic of Kazakhstan and then traded with other provinces of the kingdom. The main administrative region located within Almaty, Kazakhstan is the smallest individual piece of land in the entire kingdom. The administrative language here and in the Alatau Region (a separate area of the Territory of Victoria located further south in the Alatau mountains) is Russian due to the local population being entirely Russian speaking, and due to the fact that it facilitates communication with surrounding countries which are also predominantly Russian speaking.

The Protectorate of Imperium

Unofficial flag of the Protectorate of Imperium

The Imperium is a protectorate of The Kingdom of Square, but is under autonomous administration of a local government led by High Overlord Viktor Khersonski, a close personal friend of King MC Square. The Protectorate of Imperium is currently by default under administration of the KOS, but unlike the Territory of Victoria it was founded in temporary association with the kingdom only in order to simplify its integration into the micronational community and to accelerate the process of creating a governing body and infrastructure. At present the appointed governing body (The Imperian Council) consists of two leaders: High Overlord Viktor Khersonski, and High Marshall Alexander Khersonski. of all the territories which the KOS presently controls this is the one with the most autonomy, with a separate legal system and system of government. It does not presently accept the Kingdom of Square's constitution, instead preferring to operate on a diplomatic basis and subscribing to the guidance of the Protectorate's representatives in the capital of the KOS.

Left to right: South Riverview Province, Capital Province (Blue Star), North Riverview Province, Territory of Victoria-administrative office, Territory of Victoria-Alatau region

Foreign Politics

Micronational Community

The Kingdom of Square is a proud member of the UNMCN and the OAM, and formally recognizes all of their member nations.

In addition the kingdom also recognizes the Republic of Molossia, the Principality of Vikesland, the Sovereign State of New Ireland, New Scireland, and the Principality of Sealand.



The Kingdom utilizes a currency system called the Square (※), which circulates in 5, 10, 20 and 100 Square bills, 1, 1/2 and 1/10 Square coins, and is pegged to the Canadian Dollar. The current exchange rate is $1.50=1.00※

The following is an example of the current Twenty Square Bill:

The current twenty Square bill


The Kingdom imports most of its produce and goods from Canada and the United States. Many goods are also imported from Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Sovereign Micronational State of New Ireland.

The Kingdom's primary exports are; during the summer, fresh produce such as tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, blackberries, cherries, plums and various greens; and preserved products such as fish, jam, and bottled beverages year round. The Kingdom also has a thriving music and photo industry for which it is well known among neighbouring micronations.


  • SquareNet, the government communications company for the Kingdom of Square
  • 4D Radio, a Hip Hop/Electronic radio station currently available exclusively in the Capital Province and on devices connected to SquareNet
  • Shaw Communications, a Canadian company that provides the Kingdom with a connection to external landlines, and downlinks the government wifi network to the Internet
  • Fire Department Records, an independent record label, has its main office presently located in the KOS.

KOS Royal Agencies

KOS Government Agencies logo (used in different colours for each, black as universal)

Kingdom of Square Government alert status:

6/10 (Some customs/security stations open, security on medium, all agencies active and KSS on call around the clock)


Kingdom of Square Security is the primary security agency of the kingdom. The primary role of this agency is to protect the lives of the kingdom's citizens and the kingdom's well being. The KSS is responsible for securing all customs checkpoints in the kingdom, and has recently upgraded its security by installing spotlights in all high traffic areas of the capital and improving its solar powered lighting network. Sentries deployed by the KSS are set up at all open customs checkpoints (security cameras are illegal in the Kingdom of Square as they impede upon the privacy of its citizens).


The Kingdom of Square Defence Agency works alongside the KSS in protecting the kingdom's citizens. This agency is not officially designated as an army for the kingdom, and although it does not have the authority to invade other lands it fulfills most duties that an army would usually have. If the kingdom is at war it is the KSDA's responsibility to defend it and deploy troops to the battlefield. The KSDA defends the kingdom from unauthorized intruders and aggressive conflicts alongside the KSS, but is usually deployed for out-of-kingdom conflicts first, with the KSS taking primary responsibility for the capital and its multiple security checkpoints. Under the unofficial Squarian constitution the KSDA does not resort to armed conflict unless it is the only option, or if the kingdom is under an immediate and inevitable threat.


The Kingdom of Square Intelligence Agency is responsible for gathering information necessary for the KSS and the KSDA to carry out their work, and records all movements in and out of the Kingdom. The KSIA also gathers information on other nations and micronations. Presently the KSIA is keeping a close eye on the political agendas of the United Nations, the European Union, and in particular the United States of America due to evidence of multiple crimes against foreign countries and their own citizens, committed mainly under the guise of "peaceful operations". A second, less critical priority is keeping track of squatters/illegal aliens in the Riverview Province, as the KSDA, the kingdom's de facto military organization, does not currently have the full authority to enter into negotiations for their removal (according to the constitution only the king, or head of state, can explicitly order an individual to leave the kingdom, and even then it is only constitutional if the individual causes an immediate threat or disturbance to the kingdom)

History and Culture


The kingdom was founded in late 1998 in New Westminster, Canada, under the unofficial name of Babiland. The connection between the Kingdom of Square as it is today and the former territory of Babiland is disputed, due to the fact that the original governmental system was drastically different from that of the present day KOS, even though both were founded by the same individual. Babiland existed as an unofficial micronation for more 8 years, and gave its land back to Canada on January 15, 2008. The kingdom was established at its present location on May 28, 2008, and declared its independence from Canada on June 18, 2009. The Kingdom of Square is still a very young micronation, and has only very recently become recognized by other nearby micronations as sovereign land.


a traditional Kazakh dombra, one of the instruments taught by the MC2 Arts Conservatory

The kingdom's distant origins are Russian, with a large population of residents claiming Russian heritage, but due to its geographic location the kingdom has been greatly influenced by other cultures of countries such as Canada, Kazakhstan (Birthplace of the king and Prime Minister), and various other North American, Asian, and Caribbean countries. Some of the most notable influences that Russia and Kazakhstan have had are the Russian language, spoken fluently by most citizens alongside with English, and the dombra (a two stringed lute-like instrument from Kazakhstan) being one of the national instruments. The Asian and Caribbean influences are most notable in the national cuisine, and the widespread popularity of latin and hip hop music.


English and Russian are the two official languages of The Kingdom of Square. Several other languages including French, Spanish, Mandarin and German are also recognized, but are not used in internal government affairs and thus do not have official status.

News and Communications


The Kingdom of Square news Service is available as an online RSS feed, and as an email subscription.


  • The Kingdom currently has one news update service broadcasting on Motorola GMRS Channel 18 in the vicinity of the Capital Province, which is available elsewhere on request through a secure government connection line.
  • The Kingdom also has a Hip Hop/Electronic radio station named 4D Radio, available exclusively in the Capital Province and on devices connected to the SquareNet network.


The Royal communications company, SquareNet, provides numerous services throughout the nation such as secure wireless Internet, a phone network, and several radio/news broadcast services which are listed in the radio section.

The national FM radio listings are as follows:

  • 89.1 FM: 4D Radio (Available only in the Capital Province). Broadcasts weekdays 9AM-2PM and 6PM-12AM; weekends from 2PM-3PM and 8PM-11PM

The national GMRS channel listings (The Kingdom uses the Motorola Convention standards) are as follows:

  • Channel 17: Personal Communications
  • Channel 18: News/Weather broadcasting
  • Channel 22: Military/Government communications. This channel is also the standard emergency frequency for the entire Kingdom.

National Holidays/Dates of Importance

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • February 21 - MC Square Day
  • March 8 - International Women's Day
  • March 15 - King's Birthday
  • Celebration of Spring (First day of the year when the temperature in the Capital reaches +20℃, usually around mid April to mid May)
  • May 11 - Bob Marley Day
  • June 16 - Tupac Shakur Day
  • June 18 - Independence Day
  • July 1 - Unity Day
  • September 4 - Steve Irwin Day
  • October 11 - Thanksgiving
  • December 25 - Christmas Day
  • December 31 - New Year's Eve


Owing to its location close to the Pacific Ocean, temperatures in the KOS are usually mild throughout the year. The majority of precipitation falls in the winter, when it is not unusual to see almost uninterrupted rain for weeks on end.

For further information see this article on Wikipedia.

Additional Info

  • Many individuals unfamiliar with the nation tend to make the mistake of shortening the kingdom's full name to just "Square", but in standard government documents this is considered incorrect. The name is always spelled with its denomination ("The Kingdom of Square", or just "Kingdom of Square"), with no capital on the "of", and if it is necessary to shorten the name it is to be spelled as an initialism (K.O.S.).
  • The Kingdom of Square has recently started a citizenship application program for individuals who are willing to form business relationships with, or are acquainted with an already existing citizen of the kingdom in order to simplify border crossing and grant further privileges to those individuals when on its territory. Dual citizenship is accepted, questions and applications are to be emailed to .


External links

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