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The Kingdom of Square is a micronation partially open to public access, meaning that it consists of areas with unlimited access to anyone (no permission to enter, security check, or citizenship required); and secure areas that require you to pass a customs checkpoint to enter. When you are on our territory, regardless whether it is in the secure or free areas, you must obey all guidelines, laws and regulations set forth by our government. Below is a list of important laws that you should be aware of when on our territory, and a list of items that require special clearance or are prohibited to bring into the kingdom.

What is legal, what isn't: The basics

  • Assaults of any form are criminal offences for which offenders will be arrested, recorded by the KSIA, and banned from entering the kingdom permanently. We will inform the authorities in the offender’s country of origin before they are extradited from the kingdom.
  • Unless you are a citizen or a royal guest, seeking any form of refuge in the kingdom is prohibited.
  • The kingdom promotes and supports human rights and will never treat anybody on its territory in a way that impedes upon any of these rights, citizen or not.
  • The KOS does not have any laws implemented prohibiting the consumption of consciousness-altering substances such as alcohol and marijuana. It does not; however, tolerate the irresponsible use of any such substance nor does it support or recommend the consumption of any such substance by Squarian citizens for recreational use. Violators can and will be prosecuted under Section 1, Article 3 of the Squarian Constitution.
  • If you would like more detailed information on any of the kingdom’s laws or you have questions about what you may or may not bring into the kingdom, email us at thekingdomofsquare@gmail.com.

Prohibited Items

  • RFID devices of any kind are illegal and strictly prohibited
  • CCTV/security cameras, and any type of recording device intended for surveillance and/or covert reconnaissance
  • Radioactive material
  • Anything of immediate extraterrestrial origin
  • Genetically modified food of any type
  • Any form of artificial sugar substitute (this does not include food or chewing gum already containing such ingredients)
  • Unsealed bottled or unbottled liquids (including water) originating outside of Canada
  • Prozac
  • Anti-androgens, artificially produced hormones (excluding melatonin), and artificially synthesized hormone regulating/altering substances
  • Severed human body parts and bodily fluids (This should be somewhat of a given)

Items requiring special clearance

  • All firearms/explosives, highly flammable items and items classified as type A weapons under the KSS guidelines
  • All non-homeopathic/non-natural prescription and over the counter drugs (some are prohibited entirely, check-in prohibited items section)
  • Non-organic produce (meat, vegetables and other non pasteurized unsealed products)
  • Corrosive and dangerous chemicals
  • Image/audio recording equipment intended for commercial use
  • Syringes with a needle attached