Nemkhav presidential election, November 2011

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The 2011 Nemkhav Presidential Elections were the most recent for the Office of the President of the Nemkhav Federation, which are due to take place from November 18 to November 25. Incumbent President Marka Mejakhansk, who is regarded as the nation's founder, shocked the Nemkhav political community with his announcement that he would not be taking part in the elections. Prominent politicians Samuel Azehtyla, Sebastian Linden and Lucas Campos announced their bid for the post, which lead to the coining of the term alphabet race to describe the campaigns of this election, owing to the politicians' last initials.

Later that night, Sebastian Linden and Samuel Azehtyla announced that they would enter in to an electoral alliance, meaning the whichever one of the Politicians received the lesser amount of electoral votes would have his/her electoral votes transfered to the other. A few minutes later, Lucas Campos announced that Sean Anderson would replace him as the Conservative Party candidate. On October 31st, 2011 the LFPP and VM merged, with Sebastian Linden dropping out of the elections under the Samhain Concord.

The election was eventually won by Samuel Azehtyla of the Vanguard for Freedom, having the votes of the Province of Greater Monseyside, the Kingdom of Pristinia, the Nation-State of Vian, the Republic of Norovia, the Lewisham Democratic Republic as well as Bowden Province. The states of Astor Christiania, West Germania, Koss and Yurtyzstan voted for Sean Anderson of the CP. These results were announced at around 16:00 Nemkhav Standard Time on November 21, 2011.


Name Party Vote count (%)
  Samuel Azehtyla Vanguard for Freedom 6 (60%)
  Sean Anderson Conservative Party 4 (40%)