Nation-State of Vian

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Nation-State of Vian
Coat of arms
Motto: "Caesar et patria"
File:Formerly Cincinnati, United States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Mulni'arel (Imperial Circles), Vianese, Latin
Demonym(s)Vianese, Vianic
GovernmentCaesaric Meritocratic Democracy, Vanguardist State
LegislatureGreater Assembly
• Census
CurrencyUS dollar de facto, Nemkhav Mark de jure
Time zone(EST)
Preceded by
Vianese Imperium

The Nation-State of Vian is the sixth territory to join the Nemkhav Federation, joining the nemkhavs on July 22, 2011, and becoming its current state on October 17, 2011.


United States Era

The area that would later become Vian was originally settled in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and Surveyor John Filson as Losantiville. In 1790 Arthur St. Clair renamed Losantiville Cincinnati, in honour of The Society of Cincinnati, of which he was president. During the civil war artilllery batteries were built in Cincinnati. Skipping ahead a couple of generations Sir Samuel I would lead a small revolution declaring independence for his and Sir Nikolaj I houses.


In early April 2010, "Samuel I" became interested in the prospect of micronationalism. He originally met with his friend Nikolaj I where they decided a micronation would be a fun endeavor. Over the next month they would meet and decide on many things for the nation that would eventually become known as Ohio, specifically the Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio.

Samuel I leaned towards a liberal multi-party democracy while Nikolaj I leaned towards an Absolute Monarchy/Dictatorship. They settled on a mix developed by Samuel I via a nation with two equal leaders: A democratically elected Chancellor (Nikolaj I was not very fond of having a "President") and a hereditary Emperor/Empress. Parliament was elected by allowing people to vote for political parties using proportional voting. On 27 May 2010 the EDO was officially formed. The declaration of independence was written and sent to The Ohio Empire. War was never pursued and talks of an alliance occurred. The military was formed soon after. After a couple of days The Liberal Democratic Party was formed with The Emperor as its only member. In late may after summer brake had been going on for a few days HIH Chancellor and Crown Prince Nikolaj I left on a vacation.


From June 1, 2010, to July 15, 2010, Vian would be reformed into a Federal Republic. The monarchy had no supporters and The Federal Republic brought in a change that was accepted by all as a good thing.

First Election

For More Information, visit Vianese Executive Election 2010

Officially "The Vianese Executive Election 2010", the positions of Prime Minister and President were up for grabs. Samuel I and Nikolaj I ran against each other for the position of Prime Minister, Samuel I running as a candidate endorsed by the liberal Leftist Party of Vian, Him being the Chairman of the LLPV and Nikolaj I running also as an independent, however he ientifies with The LLPV. Justin I and Tanaja I were the only candidates running for president. Nikolaj I and Tanaja I won the elections, with Nikolaj I winning by one vote and Tanaja I winning by over 5 votes.


Shortly after the elections the nation fell into a period of inactivity because Nikolaj I was unable to contact Samuel I for reasons unknown. This would not be such a problem but with the current system of proportional voting and [[Samuel I's control over the LLPV the nation was deadlocked. After this the nation fell into a period of Inactivity and eventually Samuel I was the last citizen.

St. Charlian Comonwealth

On November 16 2010 Vian was accepted into the commonwealth as a territory (under the name of Tammarack) and a few days later submitted a Federationship request to the St. Charlin Parliament, but due to email issues it was not received until late January, 2011. Samuel I was notified of this and waited for a reply but it never came. On April 4, 2011 Tammarack seceded from the commonwealth due to old citizens like Nikolaj I expressing wishes for a new state.

After Seccession

After Secession a few old citizens rejoined, rising the citizen count to 8. 4 Provinces were formed. After a survey was held the a survey was held on the new constitution and it was deemed "to complicated". After the results came in and a short conversation was held with a few citizens it was decided that the state would transition to a Rennie-Gaffneyist Socialist Democracy. A Transitional Citizens Council was formed to vote upon the new constitution, which is composed of all citizens. On May 27, 2011, Escitrar became a kingdom. The Parliament passed many laws concerning succession, knighthoods and nobility to name a few.

For King and Country!

On July 22, 2011 (Or July 21 in some accounts) a treaty was signed and Escitrar joined the Nemkhav Federation as the Kingdom of Vian, under the leadership of King Samuel I of the Vianese. The Aulic Council was formed and His Royal Majesty was given the office of Minister of Infrastructure for Nemkhavia.

Noster Imperium

On September 21, 2011, his majesty proclaimed the Imperium, to succede the Kingdom. Vian would remain part of Nemkhavia but would know have a new government. The monarchy was kept with an Imperator instead of a King. The Vanguard Movement (Nemkhavia) was proclaimed and now guides vianese politics, with the Imperator as Chairmain. A meritocratic class system, government system and martial organizational structure were also put into place.

Democracy, Caesarship and Meritocracy

In mid-October 2011 a democratic group of statutes were passed, with various positions overturned and replaced. A limit on the Imperator (now Caesar)'s power was put into place, along with a new Act that added Meritocracy to Vian.

Government and politics

The government of the Nation-State of Vian is composed of a few main components. The Caesarship is a position chosen by the Senate for life. The Caesar serves as a Head of Government. The National Assembly is composed of all citizens in the nation and votes on laws. The Senate is a council of ministers composed of Proconsuls and members voted in by the National Assembly. The High Court is led by the Caesar and oversees all court cases, civil and criminal.

Policing & Military

For More Information, visit National Security Board

All acts of policing and military are governed entirely by the National Security Board, or the NSB, which is composed of the Vianese Land Army, or VLA, and the State Security Directorate, or SSD. The VLA is responsible for all martial activities, such as: Expeditions, Border conflicts, Rebellion, Defense and the like. The SSD is responsible for all covert and policing activities, such as: Espionage, Counter terrorism, Policing and the like.

Geography and climate


A view of the Imperial Palace in Anno from a US street.

Cincinnati is in a climatic transition zone, at the northern limit of the humid subtropical climate and the southern limit of the humid continental climate. Summers are hot and humid, with large amounts of rainfall in each Province, Capital Province and Territory. July is the warmest month, with highs just above 86 °F (30 °C), reaching 90 °F (32 °C) or above on 18 days per year, often with high dew points and humidity. Winters are slightly cold and snowy, with January, the coolest month, averaging at 29.7 °F (−1.3 °C); however, lows may reach 0 °F (−18 °C) several times a year. An average season will see just above 20 inches (51 cm) of snowfall, contributing to the annual 42.6 inches (1,080 mm) of precipitation, which is somewhat evenly distributed. Extremes range from −25 to 109 °F (-32 to 43 °C) on January 18, 1977, and July 21, 1934, respectively.

Capital Province of Tamar

The province of Tamar is about 75% developed with a medium-sized brick house (The Caesaric Palace) sitting in the middle of the city of Anno at 1 Diadem Avenue, taking up more than half of the city itself! Along The western portion there is a stone path lined with bushes that goes through the Western Portion of the Principality, called Trans-Anno Pathway. The Western area of The Principality borders a US street and the Western Province. The Western portion of Tamar is composed of about 80% grass. The Eastern portion of Tamar is the most interesting of the two and contains a fish pond, a small pool, a wood-fired bread oven, a chicken coop, vegetable gardens, Freya Square and a large hedge and stockade line that marks the Tamar-Salisar Oriens border. The Eastern portion is composed of about 40% grass. The Caesaric Palace lies between the two portions and is the residence of The Caesar and his family, meeting place of the Senate and National Assembly and capitol building for the City of Anno.

The Eastern Province

Salisar Oriens is a partly explored wilderness with an old, no longer used railroad going through it. At its farthest southern border it has a line of trees, brush and logs that border a large US field. A few expeditions have been made, namely with Norovian Mercenary assistance, through here and into the US territory beyond the borders into the remainder of the railroad, and many interesting places have been found, with some raw resources dragged back. The Caesar's Sister is elected

Salisara Occidens

The Territory of Salisara Occidens is the far more explored of the two wilderness provinces and extends in the other direction. At its farthest extent to the west it hits a bridge, and contains a large dumping station for yard waste that is composted.


The main revenue bringers in the nation are taxes and farming exports. The nation de jure has the Nemkhav Mark and US dollar in official use, however no Nemkhav marks have been minted within the nation as of yet, so de facto the Nemkhav Mark is not in use. Discussions have also opened up about the possible introduction of the Vianese Krone, however this will be shot down if the final draft of the Nemkhav Constitution bans statial currencies.


100% of all citizens are literate in English, 2 are semi-literate in Latin and 4 are semi-fluent in German. The conlang of Vianese is in minor use and is being developed. The population enjoys plaing video games, military reenactment, roleplaying, military sport and airsoft among others. The official civilian and military salute is to stand at attention and cross both of your arms over your chest.

National "Items"

Our national "items" include: The Rhode Island Red Chicken (Animal), Lazzarus Wall Lizard (Reptile), Screech Owl (Bird), Territory Wars Online (Sport/Game), French Press Cappuccino (Drink) and French Onion Soup (Dish).

Citizen Political and Religous Beliefs

The nation is a strong advocate of protecting the enviornment. The people are also very pro-choice and pro-secularisation of the state. The main olitical party within the nation is the Vanguard Movement, having been the main driving force of the creaton of the Imperium.

Religion has never played much of a part within the nation, there are no official religions. The main religions are:

  • Christian (33%)
  • Atheist (22%)
  • agnostic (11%)
  • Asatru (11%)
  • Eclectic (11%)
  • Judeo-Christian (11%)


As of now there is a public YouTube channel up for the nation, Viansvoice. On it speeches, announcemnets, film production, tour videos etc. are put up. Soon, a blog is to be formed and a website is under construction.

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