Los Bay Petrosian Communist Party

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Los Bay Petrosian Communist Party
Los Bay Petros Communist Party- flag.png
Flag of LCP
Motto:Long Live Communism!
Founded:November 2009 (January 2011
Micronation:Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Leader:Faris Ramadhan
Seats in Los Bay Petrosian Parliament:0

Los Bay Petrosian Communist Party is a defunct party in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. LCP was founded on November 2009, by some small communist group in LBP. The last leader of LCP is Faris Ramadhan and LCP is the only communist party in LBP.

LCP's headquarters is in 7D Protectorate. In December 2010, the head of the LCP on that time, Indrawan Prasetyo decided to dissolve LCP and reforms it into Nasakom Party. But, after the Indra-Faris-Helmi political split in February 2011, Faris Ramadhan decided to rebuilt the LCP. But, Faris later merged its party to the LSP.

2010 Election

On 2010 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election, LCP got a seat in the parliament (26%). Even with three new states, the LCP not get any seats there.

A LCP Propaganda

. Because of the dissolution of LCP, the new Nasakom Party are replacing the LCP in the parliament until today even after the political split.