Order of the Royal House of Sriraya

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The Most Esteemed
Order of the Royal House of Sriraya
परम प्रतिष्ठित दर्ज़ह राजवंश श्रीराय
Param Pratishthit Darjah Rajavansh Sriraya

Badge of the order
Awarded by the
Maharaja of Purvanchal
TypeDynastic order
Established4 July 2021
Royal houseSriraya
EligibilityVishwamitran royals and foreign monarchs
Awarded forextraordinary services towards the state of Purvanchal and its people
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignHM Maharaja Varuna Sriraya
Grand MistressHRH Crown Princess Sarala
GradesSupreme Grand Companion
Grand Companion
Former gradesKnight/Dame Grand Companion (D.K.P.)
Knight/Dame Companion (D.P.P.)
First induction4 July 2021
Last induction13 August 2021
Total inductees17
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Royal Family Order of Purvanchal

Ribbon bars

The Most Esteemed Order of the Royal House of Sriraya, formerly the Supreme Order of the Royal House of Purvanchal is the highest chivalric and dynastic order of the state of Purvanchal which is conferred by the Maharaja of Purvanchal, as the head of the House of Sriraya which is the current ruling house of the state as well as the national ruling house. It was constituted on 4 July 2021 by the Maharaja of Purvanchal Varuna Sriraya. The order is strictly restricted only to members of the royal house and other senior provincial sovereigns and foreign monarchs.

Grades and insignias


The Order of the Royal House of Sriraya is conferred in two distinct grades - Supreme Grand Companion (formerly Knight or Dame Grand Companion) and Grand Companion (Knight or Dame Companion). The highest grade of Supreme Grand Companion is reserved solely for the Maharaja, the consort, the heir to the throne, the parents of the Maharaja, and selective state monarchs. The second grade of Grand Companion is conferred on members of the royal house, other state rulers, and foreign monarchs.

Supreme Grand Companions bear the post-nominals letters of "D.K.S.", while Grand Companions bear the post-nominals of "D.P.S."

The Maharaja of Purvanchal is the Sovereign of the order, while the Crown Princess is the Grand Mistress of the order.


The following are the ribbon bars of the two grades of the order.

  • Supreme Grand Companion (D.K.S.)
  • Grand Companion (D.P.S.)



Supreme Grand Companions (D.K.S.)

Grand Companions (D.P.S.)

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