Koyan Broadcasting Association

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Koyan Broadcasting Association
Type Broadcaster
Country People's Republic of Koya
Availability Nationwide, International
Owner Koyan Government
Established 31 May 2016
Headquarters Iwayadō
Current KBA 1
Former KBA 3

The Koyan Broadcasting Association (KBA) is a Koyan public service broadcaster. Although largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately owned by the Koyan Government is the only official source of television news for Koyans.;It is headquartered at Broadcasting House in Iwayadō



KBA 1 is the main channel of the company. The channel broadcasts mainly news and announcements with several documentaries in making. Currently, the LTV operates only in Lurk and on the Internet, and broadcasts have no schedule - ranging from days to months. Every broadcasting day starts with a characteristic theme tune and ends with the national anthem.The channel also broadcasts patriotic music, government news and propaganda.

From Koyan Eyes

From Koyan Eyes is a largely unscripted talk show that was hosted by the Koyan President Shady Morsi. as the charismatic leader, passionate about the well being of his country Its broadcasted on KBA and radio stations At 15:00 The program did not have a fixed ending time, . The show promotes Mínzúism


KBA 2 is the international channel, with various foreign TV shows planned to be shown.