Order of the Willow Leaf

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Order of the Willow Leaf
Design of the award (OW1)
Design of the award (OW2)
Design of the award (OW3)
Ribbon (OW1)
Ribbon (OW2)
Ribbon (OW3)
Awarded by the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun
Type State order with three degrees
Awarded for Extraordinary service to the natural environment, within Gishabrun or beyond.


Currently awarded
Established 20 July 2010
First awarded Unapplicable
Total awarded None
Sovereign HIM Tsar Kuri I
Next (higher) Order of the Compass
Next (lower) Order of the Silver Scimitar

The Order of the Willow Leaf is a Gishabrunian order of three degrees, established by HIM Tsar Kuri I on the 20th July, 2010. The Order of the Willow Leaf is currently the second-highest decoration in The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun. All Gishabrunian citizens and citizens of micronations recognised by The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun are eligible to receive this award.


The Order of the Willow Leaf consists of three degrees, which are:

  1. Owfr.jpg - First Class (Initials: OW1)
  2. Owsr.jpg - Second Class (Initials: OW2)
  3. Owtr.jpg - Third Class (Initials: OW3)


Both the green colour of the ribbons and medals of the Order of the Willow Leaf and the willow leaves represent environmentalism and nature.


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