Principality of Annina Kravat

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Principality of Annina Kravat
(Russian) Аннина-Краватское Княжество
Founded 15 August 2010
Area 10m²
Citizens 1
Official language(s) Russian
Jurisdiction Kravat Oblast
Prince/Princess Anna I and HIM Kuri I

The Principality of Annina Kravat is a Principality within Kravat Oblast, in the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun. It is the first and oldest peerage in Gishabrun, and the only double peerage in Gishabrun, meaning that it is ruled by two Princes or Princesses.


The area on which Annina Kravat now stands used to be the site of the Principality of Annina Kravat, a sovereign micronation led by Anna I. However, this principality was defeated in the infamous Furnace War by HIM Tsar Kuri I, then Tsar of Moya Kravat. The area was then made a separate oblast, namely Annina Kravat Oblast, until the 26th of July, 2010, when The Council decided to merge Annina Kravat Oblast into Kravat Oblast. The area was under the complete jurisdiction of Kravat Oblast until the Peerage system of Gishabrun was established, and Annina Kravat was returned to Anna I, but since Annina Kravat was still a part of Gishabrun, HIM Tsar Kuri I kept his title as Prince of Annina Kravat.


The Principality of Annina Kravat takes up approximately 10 square metres of indoor space, containing the residence of Anna I, Princess of Annina Kravat. It borders Canada to the North and Kravat Oblast on all other sides. It has the same climate as the rest of Kravat Oblast. Probably the only interesting thing in this principality is the Furnace Strip, the previously disputed strip of land that became the site of Gishabrun's first war.


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