Council of Gishabrun

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The Council of Gishabrun

(Russian) Гишабрунский Совет

(Аzerbaijani) Qişabrun Məclisi

(Serbian) Savet Gišabrun

(French) Conseil de Gichabroun
Coat of arms or logo
HousesThe Oblastian Assembly, The Chamber of Comrades, The Elite Duma
Speaker of the Oblasts
HIM Tsar Kuri I, Meritocratic Party
Speaker of the Comrades
HEE Emperor Cyril I, Communo-Meritocratic Party
Elite Speaker of the Duma
HIM Tsar Kuri I, Meritocratic Party
Political groups
     Meritocratic Party (3)
     Comuno-Meritocratic Party (2)
     Communist Party (1)
     Fun Party (1)
     Democratic Party (1)
     Balrog Party (1)
     Smurf Party (1)
     Dictator's Party (1)
Last election
October 2010

The Council of Gishabrun, otherwise known as The Council, is the collective term for the three legislative houses that govern the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun. It is responsible for all government and judicial matters concerning Gishabrun.


The Council began in its first incarnation with only two members, operating in a unicameral matter and consisting of the Ambassadors of each oblast and HIM Tsar Kuri I as Ambassador of the Krais. This manner of government was efficient and was used from 1 May 2010 to 1 October, because, as Autonomous Regions joined Gishabrun, they were not included in government, so The Council was reformed to allow for more power to the leaders of the Autonomous Regions, and also moving the representative of the Krais to another house.


The Council of Gishabrun is responsible for almost all of the decisions made in the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun, including (but not limited to) alliances, wars, laws, consitution amendments, etc.. The Oblastian Assembly is only responsible for oblastian matters, the Chamber of Comrades for Autonomous Regional matters, while the Elite Duma is responsible for all matters in Gishabrun. If any of the lower houses pass a proposal conserning all of Gishbrun, the Consul of that house will present it before the Elite Duma as the representative of his/her house, on which the Elite Duma may pass or leave as a failed motion. The Oblastian Assembly consists of all Ambassadors of Oblasts, the Chamber of Comrades consists of all Governors of Autonomous Regions, while the Elite Duma consists of an elected Consul of the Oblasts, a Consul of the Autonomous Regions, and HIM the Tsar of Gishabrun as Consul of the Krais.


Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun

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