Barony of Travin

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Barony of Travin
(Russian) Травинская Барония
Travinflag.jpg Travincoat.jpg
Founded 18 August 2010
Area 5 m²
Citizens Uninhabited
Official language(s) Russian
Jurisdiction Ural Grasslands Krai
Baron/Baroness TRH Roger I

The Barony of Travin is a Barony within Ural Grasslands Krai, in the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun. It is the second-oldest peerage in Gishabrun, and also the first within a krai.


The name "Travin" comes from the Russian word "Trava", meaning grass, referring to the plant life of the Barony.


The area on which Travin now stands was originally captured by Gishabrun on the 27th of June, 2010, from the Russian Federation as a part of Ural Grasslands Krai. On the 18th of August, 2010, HIM Tsar Kuri I created the barony and granted the peerage to The Right Honorable Roger I, Ambassador of Kvartirskaya Oblast.


The Barony of Travin takes up approximately 5 square metres of grass-filled space, from which the name comes from. It borders Russia on two of its sides and Ural Grasslands Krai on all other sides. It has the same climate as the rest of the two Ural Krais. Its area is completely contained within Ural Grasslands Park, an example of mountain grasslands and natural regeneration.


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